February 21, 2017
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Anzali Port

Bandar Anzali as the most equipped and most modern Caspian Sea port due to the unique geographical position as the only free port in the area,has the significant role in development of North – South(Nostrac) corridor. Since this Port is being located within Anzali Free Zone area, this position has provided special facilities to owners of goods, traders and investors that led to upraising potential and actual capabilities of this port.
Developments of Anzali port in recent years on completion and construction of infrastructures, including construction of six posts of piers, renovation of five old posts piers with a total length of 1581 meters has capability for berth of 12 ships simultaneously, increasing the area of the port from 24 hectares to 71 hectares, shopping land, maritime and telecommunications strategic equipments, loading and unloading operations assigned to three main terminals, investment in BOT

Method on construction of warehouse grain storage silo, construction particular highway for Port and setting up fuel transit and taking advantages of modern technology have made this port a strategic port on Caspian Sea shoreline. So that the its capacity has raised from two million tons to 7 million tons of goods per year, and is forecast that this capacity reach to 11 million tons after completion of master Plan. Anzali port fuel terminal is capable to deliver and transit 2 million tons of fuel annually.. This port also having five hive storage silos with a capacity of 6000 tons of cereals, which able to transit one million tons of wheat annually tot Iraq and Persian Gulf countries.
Position of Port Free Trade - Industrial Anzali on the one hand, entering the raw materials including steel and transform it into machinery, artifacts, and pieces ... Aimed at creating added value and supply steel raw materials on other side, construction of fuel tanks for fuel transit has given an important opportunity to increase Iran's maritime transport with neighboring countries will provide most prosperous industry, transport, production and exports.
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