March 7, 2021
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Exploitation of industrial, commercial and tourism projects of Anzali free zone

By presence of Dr. Arsalan Zare, governor of Guilan  and Dr. Mohammad Vali Roozbehan, Chairman of the Board and managing directors of this organization d on third day of government week,9 production, service and tourism projects with 623 billion Riyals investment of private sector which provided direct employment for 279 people were officially put in operation.


On sidelines of this ceremony governor of Gilan stated that Anzali Free Zone is main supporter of  private sector due to its legal benefits and is considered as one of good capacities of province in the field of production and is considered as an effective factor in development of  province and increasing  production capacity and employment in different parts of province.


he praised production strategy of  Anzali Free Zone in recent year by stating that private sector is best producer to increase  province's production capacity that will have our full support so that a successful example of this cooperation is being in  reproduction circuit with cooperation of agent Bank, Anzali Free Zone Organization and the governor's office.


Chairman of the Board and Managing director of Anzali Free Zone Organization in this ceremony stating that increasing capacity of existing production units and attracting new production investors has been main strategy of this organization in year of production leap, therefore development of relations with countries of the Caspian Sea and Eurasia in order to diversify and increase our country's export basket is one of the most important programs of the Anzali Free Zone Organization by relying on legal benefits, existing infrastructure and incentive support packages because we believe that private sector is the tip of the arrow of our country's economic jihad in current era and we should support their capabilities with all our might.


According to this report in industrial states no 1 of Anzali free zone four industrial units inaugurated including packaging of food products unit (Sepidmakian); Compressor production (Arkatek); production of three-layer nursing masks (Lotus Trade); Production of molded metals (110 sheet production complex) with private sector investment about270 billion rials and direct employment for 235 people.


On the other hand, in industrial state No 2 of Anzali free zone two industrial unit were officially put into production including unit of paper cutting and packaging (Atlas Novin) and processing and packaging of agricultural products factory (Sargol Sarsabz) with 110 billion Rials private sector investment and direct employment for 25 people.


Operation of three covered warehouses with area of 8300 square meters, and investment of 203 billion Riyals of private sector and opening of ecotourism unit in Anzali free zone with investment of 60 billion Riyals with direct employment on third day of government week .

It is worth mentioning that during government week in 1399either opened or putted in operation 29 development-infrastructure, production-industrial, cultural and tourism services projects in this region with more than 2440 billion Rials investment by organization and private sector that provide direct employment for 700 people.

It should be mention that in addition to city and provincial officials, deputies and managers of the Anzali Free Zone Organization were also present at the ceremony.

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