March 7, 2021
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
The trilateral cooperation between Anzali Free Zone Organization, Caspian Shipping company and Iranian Consulate General facilitates and develops relations with Russia


Kouchkian, Consul General of Iran in Astrakhan, Russia exchanged views with businessmen and investors of Anzali Free Zone on issues and solutions for expanding trade with Russian businessmen and presence in Russian market.

In this meeting, which was organized by the Association of Investors and Entrepreneurs of the region, Mr. Amin Afghi, member of the board and deputy of port and Caspian affairs of Anzali  free zone stated that  Astrakhan as the gateway of Iran to Europe, Referred to  memorandums of understanding  between this organization and  Lotus Astrakhan region and implementation of development projects between two regions, it can be stated that  Anzali Free Zone is a strategic region to enter Russian market and  Eurasian Economic Union.


he stated that Anzali Free Zone was established with aim of exporting to Russia and becoming  hub of the region's trade exchanges and connecting link of to  north-south corridor are two main missions of this region. Anzali Free Zone has two ports, Caspian and Anzali which are closest ports of Iran to Astrakhan, at the same time, due to joint collaborations such as  construction of a cruise passenger ship with 5-star hotel facilities in Astrakhan, and also we seek to establish a Cooperation Council of  Eurasian Free Zones and  Caspian region for this reason  we consider Astrakhan Russia  as a good partner.


Mr. Vahid Talebpour, Deputy of Economy and Investment of Anzali Free Zone Organization in this meeting by stating examples of benefits and legal exemptions of economic activity in his respective region announced that registration and activity of 42 Russian companies in this region. One of the most important opportunities for cooperation between two countries by focusing on the Anzali Free Zone is the North-South, China-Kazakhstan-Iran and Trasica corridors so that it enable us to  play a greater role in  transit of goods and re-export to  Russian market.

he said that the completion of infrastructures such as backyard of Caspian port complex, logistics park and industrial state are existing and developing infrastructure of Anzali free zone in order to increase exchange capacity of goods with Russia. Relying on capacities such as Gilan and Russia Chamber of Commerce, Iranian Bank operation in Astrakhan and role of Anzali Free Zone as the main gateway of Iran-Russia relations, volume of exchanges between two countries can be increased especially in the field of agricultural products.

The Iranian Consulate General in Astrakhan stated that trilateral cooperation of the Anzali Free Zone Organization, the Caspian Shipping company and  Iranian Consulate General will facilitate and develop relations with Russia. In relation to Russia it should be noted that the Russian side is more interested  in expansion of  relations with Iranians side, as an example,  allocation of budget for purchasing of 400 refrigerated containers in Russia for exchange of Iranian goods.


he said that Iranian businessmen are not yet familiar with trade laws and regulation of Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union to take advantage of preferential tariff, doing more negotiation between northern provinces of Iran and southern province of Russia, holding a virtual exhibition during the Corona era, adjusting their expectations from the Russian market according to the laws and regulations of this country through familiarity and observing it, holding direct flight between two countries, , establishment of a grain laboratory approved by two sides to facilitate exchanges between us are on agenda.

Iranian Consul General in Astrakhan stated that increasing capacity of Iranian  Ro-Ro ships in Caspian Sea and pay attention to attracting Russian investors and Chinese businessmen along with increasing to presence of Russian commercial and passenger tourism is important to develop Iran-Russia relations with  focus on the Anzali Free Zone

It is worth mentioning that in this meeting, Mr. Asghar Amani, chairman of Association of Investors and Entrepreneurs of the region and some businessmen raised their suggestions and questions in the field of trade relations with Russia from the Iranian Consulate General. Iranian Consul General in Astrakhan, Russia and accompanying delegation visited from infrastructures and facilities of the Caspian Port Complex and under construction railway .

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