March 7, 2021
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
By connecting railway to Anzali Free Zone Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman will be connected to Caspian Sea

By connecting railway to Anzali Free Zone, Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman will be connected to Caspian Sea. In regard to Iran is one of the most important energy transmission channels and one of transportation highways in region with rich energy resources and access to two important seas and a unique strategic position, it is able to meet basic needs of many countries in region and members of the Shanghai Organization.

Rasht-Bandar Anzali railway project will be completed by end of this year or in early months of next year. On the other hand, connection of Persian Gulf and Oman Sea ports to Russia and Europe and towards Astara port on border of Republic of Azerbaijan is on agenda of Iran to meet one of the most important international needs.

The President of Iran expressed his happiness that by completion of Rasht-Bandar Anzali railway on border of Caspian Sea, north-south corridor railway route will come to true and huge capacity for transit transportation will be created. And also in next few weeks will be inaugurated Khaf-Herat railway which was built by government found according to development assistance plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This railway will be a valuable gift that help Afghanistan get out of the impasse. Continuing this route from Herat to Mazar-e-Sharif can help countries of Central Asia to gain easy and low-cost access to international waters and Europe, as well as markets of Islamic Republic of Iran and Middle East.

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