March 7, 2021
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
We will increase our friendly relations and cooperation with Anzali Free Zone

Sergei MilushkinManaging Director of Lotus Special Economic Zone in Astrakhan at the Eurasian Economic Union International Conference and Geopolitical Role of Iran Free Zones in Development of Regional Relations at AnzaliFree Zone Conference and Exhibition Center via video conference stated that we have put friendly relations with Anzali Free Zone on agenda for some time ago so we have signed several bilateral and multilateral cooperation agreements and development of cooperation in various fields with Anzali Free Zone and it is one of our  priorities of this region, reported Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Anzali Free Zone Organization.


He pointed out that with assistance of Anzali Free Zone Organization first Iranian company as member of "Raza" company has been established in Lotus region, which is constructing a household chemical factory in Lotus economic zone, "On the other hand, these two economic zones is actively cooperating in framework of development North-South International Corridor and this project is economically beneficial for both countries.

He stated that international special group for empowerment and development of North-South corridor has already been formed with membership of Anzali, Chabahar Free Zones and logistics companies of Caspian Sea littoral countries and Germany, Joint transportation organization in direction of North-South corridor can be considered as one of actionsthat has been taken in this working group.

He pointed out to process of cooperation with Anzali Free Zone Organization and transfer of several container shipments along north-south corridor we have launched a test container line between Astrakhan and northern ports of Iran, which has started his first trip in this container line, "Increasing speed and reducing costs are  benefits of transporting cargo through  north-south corridor and our approach is to develop our trade with Iran's free zones especially withAnzali free zone and other Caspian littoral countries." by increasing transit of goods in north-south corridor and development of cooperation will increase foreign exchange revenues of two countries.

It is worth mentioning that this international conferencewas hosted by Anzali Free Zone organization and attended by Dr. Sardar Rahim Safavi, Advisor of Supreme Leader, Dr. Morteza Bank, Advisor of President and Secretary of Supreme Council of Free Zones, Ministers of Roads and Urban Development, Energy and tax organization and Ambassador of Iran In Russia and officials of Russian Federation ( viavideo conference) in this region.

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