March 7, 2021
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
cooperation between Iranian economic activists and International Islamic Trade Group of Russia

Dr. Mohammad Vali Roozbehan, managing director and Chairman of Organization in a specialized meeting reviewed mechanisms for expanding cooperation with Russian businessmen according to International Conference of Eurasian Economic Union and geopolitical role of free zones in developing regional relations hosted by this organization at 27 November 2020, he talked with chairman and members of Russian International Trade Group via a video conference.

In this meeting, managing director of Anzali Free Zone Organization presented an analysis of wide and deep level of political-historical relations between two countries and pointed out to promotion of economic cooperation as an important priority and explained capacities and advantages of northern provinces in providing agricultural products, food and industrial goods by focus on its respective region and stated: existence of port, rail and air transport infrastructures in Guilan province and Anzali free zone has turned this region as gateway for export and import of goods between Iran and Russia and connection of this region to national railway and possibility for connection this railways to southern ports Iran will add our ability to expand cooperation.

 He pointed out to industrial capabilities and supply of raw materials required for Iranian industries by Russia as an opportunity to increase relations and taking advantage of  North-South corridor stated that  by operation of development and infrastructure  of under construction projects in port section and expansion of surrounded area and  establishment of industrial state No3 will increase our ability to increase our volume of bilateral exchanges so that we hope by cooperation of  Iranian Ambassador in Russia and International Islamic Trade Group of Russia  level of exchanges increase many times.

Dr. Kazem Jalali, Ambassador of Iran in Russian Federation stated that Islamic Republic has idea of ​​establishing a trade union between Islamic countries on its agenda and emphasized on  importance of establishing and developing relations with the Islamic Trade Group of Russia and need to increase expert consultations to operate specified agreed strategies.


Kabiev, head of International Islamic Trade Group of Russia welcomed to Dr. Roozbehan's invitation to visit from anzali free zone capabilities and appreciated for  holding  Eurasia International Conference in this region  and need to increase cooperation in context of North-South Corridor stated that  North-South trade route project is a very important logistics project and we declare our readiness to participate and cooperate in this route and believe that continuation of talks will create base for cohesion and systematization of interests and cooperation opportunities of  private sector.

Mr. Seyed Jalil Jalalifar, Vice President of Iran-Russia Joint Chamber of Commerce in this conversation by mentioning advantages and opportunities of bilateral and multilateral cooperation with focus on Anzali Free Zone and International Islamic Trade Group of Russia, said  in regard to existing facilities  and capacities in this region and taken measures, Anzali Free Zone can represent above group in Iran and countries of this region and based on this model of cooperation we can establish a cooperation group of Islamic countries in region.

 It should be noted that there are  representatives of the International Islamic Trade Group of Russia in different countries that can resulted to formation a working group to continue multilateral talks and operational discussed issues and emphasized on key playing role of Anzali Free Zone in relations of Russian Muslim businessmen in middle east through representative  of International Islamic Trade Group of these countries.

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