March 7, 2021
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Development of Caspian Sea shipping activities in Anzali free zone

The new managing director of Caspian Shipping, Captain Tafti met with managing director of Anzali Free Zone Organization and exchanged views on developing relations and providing services in trade section of Caspian port complex and Anzali ports.


Dr. Roozbehan, Chairman of Anzali Free Zone Organization in this specialized meeting emphasized on need to develop commercial infrastructures in order to enhance our country's share in global markets and transit to different countries, said: Caspian port as a third generation port is one of the most important commercial infrastructures created in free zones and due to privileged position of this region in world markets and being on path of international corridors needs to improve capacity of goods transportation and take advantage of the sea-based economy.


He further referred to Russian trade market for export of food and container export, in the first phase, 15 wharf will be used in Caspian port with participation of private sector in order to supply country's basic goods and export manufactured products to neighboring countries, and necessary conditions are provided for implementation of joint infrastructure projects and development of logistics equipment with Caspian Sea shipping company.


Captain Tafti, CEO of Caspian Shipping, pointed to the development of the activities of his air conditioning organization in the Caspian and Anzali ports as two important ports of trade. Currently, the Caspian Sea is operating with 23 ships with a nominal capacity of 100,000 tons. The complex intends to add new vessels to the fleet, given the capacity of the Caspian port and the agreements reached, especially in the Eurasian basin.


He went on to mention readiness of Caspian Sea shipping company to participate in development of infrastructure projects, construction of a container terminal, development of  maritime transport fleet, development of logistics tools and construction of an office building in backyard of  Caspian port complex are among the most important issues that Caspian Sea Shipping  company is ready to provide services in the Anzali Free Zone, and  Caspian port certainly has a bright future in terms of trade.


At the end of meeting, it was decided to present and review cases and packages proposed by the two sides within period of ten days in order to quickly reach necessary agreements and start the executive operation.

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