March 7, 2021
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Development of Iran's relations with Eurasian Economic Union and China through Kazakhstan and Anzali Free Zone,

Chairman of Anzali free zone organization in a video conference with Dr. Majid Saber, Ambassador of Iran to Kazakhstan, Discussed the mechanisms of developing our country's relations with members of the Economic Union of Eurasia and People's Republic of China.

Mr. Rouzbehan in this conversation pointed to key role of Kazakhstan in development of Iran's relations with the countries of Eurasia union and China through corridor that has been created by Anzali free zone on this region in recent years and emphasized on necessity to use all capabilities to increase transit of goods through this route to our country and countries in region, according to master plans of Islamic Republic of Iran by taking advantage of transit of goods between neighboring countries with priority of north-south corridor is on the agenda. This organization has also accelerated under construction project for connecting this area to national railway in Rasht.

He pointed out to projects that is being done inside industrial states of this region next to Caspian port complex, it shows serious determination of this organization to play important role in transit exchanges and investment activities.

Mr. Rouzbahan invited from Iranian Ambassador in Kazakhstan to visit from this region and announced its readiness for attendance and operation of Kazakh companies in fields of transportation, production and other fields.

He appreciated from actions of Anzali Free Zone Organization in field of regional cooperation of our country and need to expand cooperation in order to increase volume of exchanges through corridor of China, Kazakhstan, Iran, in regard to common interests of all three countries, and also emphasized on transit of goods between these countries with Oman Sea and Persian Gulf. He also pointed to presence of forwarder companies which are active in southern neighbors of our country , so It can increase transit capacity of goods through Iran between China and Central Asia with Persian gulf countries, Said Dr. Majid Saber, ambassador of Iran in Kazakhstan.

He said that speeding up transportation processes on routes passing through our country is very important in attracting transit goods by stating that Kazakhstan was a country proposed Iran's temporary membership in Eurasian Economic Union, despite restrictions caused by corona virus epidemic, not only our country's exchanges with Kazakhstan and Russia have not stop during this period but also has increased during this years, As a result with cooperation of all responsible institutions and support of private sector, our country's membership in this regional union should be made permanent, and through providing supportive and incentive packages increase interest of countries in this corridor such as of China, Kazakhstan and Iran.

It is worth mentioning that meeting was also attended by Deputy of Ports and Caspian Sea affaires and director of public relations and International Affairs of the Organization. Both sides emphasized on need to increase talks and provide situation for investors to get acquainted with capacities of Anzali Free Zone.

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