March 7, 2021
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Presence of Scandinavian investors in region and exploitation of transit capacities of north-south corridor

Dr. Mohammad Vali Roozbehan, Chairman and managing director of Anzalifre zone organization talked with AlirezaYousefi, ambassador of Iran in Oslo, Norway about  introduction of capacities in this region, attracting investors and taking advantage of region's international transit benefits.


Mr. Rouzbehan pointed to under construction railway project that connect this region to national railway andRo –Ro berth and industrial states No: 3 inregion will increase region's importance to playkey role in transit and exports to neighboring countries, so for this reason we announce our readinessfor attendance of Norwegian investors and Iranians living in Northern Europe in various field such as aquaculture, construction of hotel and tourism and production facilities.


He provided an analysis of changes and developments in Caspian Sea region such as development of port infrastructures, logistics and renovation of navy transport fleet and counted advantages of transit routes passing through Anzali Free Zone including two corridors North-South and China-Kazakhstan-Iran.He pointed out to key role of Anzali Free Zone in relation to our country's cooperation with members of Eurasian Economic Union, created capacities and under construction and programs implemented by this organization so that this region act as gateway to Eurasia and Europe for our country and countries of southern shores of the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman.


In this meeting, Iranian ambassador expressed various capacities of Anzali Free Zone such as being located next to Caspian Sea and possibility of developing cooperation withliteral states of Caspian Sea shows its key role in regional and international transit."The issue became even more apparent at recent International Conference on Development Cooperation with Eurasian Economic Union.


He said providing legal benefits for domestic and foreign investors is the best propaganda and strategy to attract foreign investors especially in Scandinavian area, It is important for Iranian economic actors to hold training courses on culture and requirements of international trade which has become a global custom in recent years, so we as Embassy of Iran and Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a mission to introduce domestic investment capacities to target countries and at the same time we have prioritized supporting and introducing capabilities of Iranian producers in other countries.


The meeting was attended by Deputy of Economy and Investment, Deputy of city development and Infrastructures, and representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the province, along with the directors of public relations and information technology. The parties emphasized on presenceof Scandinavian investors in region and exploitation of the transit capacities of the north-south corridor byeconomic actors of that region, and also came to agreements for economic activity of several Scandinavian companies in fields of caged fish farming, garment production and aluminum shipbuilding.



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