March 7, 2021
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Three new berths will be built in Caspian port complex

The director of Caspian port complex of Anzali free zone said: construction process of three wharf in Caspian port of Anzali free zone is underway and will be completed by the first half of next year, two out of three wharf will be implemented by the private sector and one will be built by Khatam Al-Anbia Campony.


22 berths have been designed for Caspian port complex which three berths have been set to operation so far, two of them have been done with investment of domestic private sector and base have been prepared for construction of three more.


He pointed out that Anzali Free Zone Organization as one of few government institutions in country that has succeeded in attracting investors for its infrastructure project.


With construction of three new wharf that will be set to operation by spring of next year, total of wharf will  reach to 6 with 2 million tons capacity for loading and unloading bulk goods, containers, fuel and other items annually.


With completion of existing infrastructures ships with capacity of 9,000 tons can berth in this port which is its unique advantages as the largest port of Caspian Sea, after full operation also provides possibility for berthing of ships with capacity of 12,000 tons.


Mr.Azizi also said connection of Caspian port to railway network is underway and 36 km of railway line from Pirbazar station to Caspian port is under construction and according to contract concluded between this organization and Ministry of Roads and Urban Development and by support of the Program and Budget Organization it will be exploited in near future.


He emphasized: 2 km of this route is located inside free zone area, where land acquisition and infrastructure have been done and process of construction and laying of rails is being carried out simultaneously on both sides of route, by connecting of Caspian port complex to national railway, Gilan province will be connected to southern ports of country.


He pointed out: In this way transit of goods will be possible with a larger volume via national railway from ports of Caspian Sea countries, Central Asia, China and Eurasia to countries of Persian Gulf.

Azizi mentioned increase of foreign exchange earnings, strengthening our country's international position in international level and intercontinental transit, creating more employment and re-exporting goods in transit through this route and processing goods as the benefits of this connection.

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