March 7, 2021
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
50% discount on start-up fees for industrial units

Dr. Roozbehan, Chairman of the Board of directors and managing director said this organization has provided various support-incentive packages to support from private sector activists such as 50% discount for start-up fees of industrial units within  Anzali Free Zone.

Anzali Free Zone Organization for the first time in Gilan province in order to support from economic actors and for saving and creating job opportunities and boost national production has started 50% discount supportive plan on start-up fees for industrial units , plan in which applicants for receiving license and establishment of an industrial unit will henceforth enjoy this supportive plan.


Anzali Free Zone Organization this year after difficult conditions caused for production units due to corona epidemic disease implemented various supportive plans and exemptions and discounts for producers in this region. In order to supply of raw materials for producers and exporters of Anzali Free Zone and country, activities of two ports located inside this region namely the Caspian Port Complex and Anzali Port continued their operation so that they will be able to produce , by construction of third industrial state of Anzali Free Zone industrial area of this region their capacity will double and then with connection of this area to national railway line and operation of ro-ro dock in near future and set of programs will provide new horizons for increasing export capacity  to

Neighboring countries in region and Eurasian .


It is worth mentioning that there are two industrial states within Anzali Free Zone area with more than 140 production units which operate in various fields such as chemical and metal fields, Food, pharmaceutical, health, clothing, medical supplies, cellulose and wood, packaging, plastics, electrical and electronics, detergents, laboratory and cars equipment.


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