June 20, 2018
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Thomas Artashes Toomanian Armenian Ambassador to Iran during his visit from Anzali free zone

He pointed by applying solutions, marketers and formation of joint working group we will prepare condition for presence of  Armenian entrepreneurs in Anzali Free Zone

Mr. Toomanian referring to the construction of third free zone of Armenia in the border of Iran said Armenia has two free trade zone that are active in the field of jewelry, gold, gems and high technologies.

He pointed to his two-year term presence in the country as Ambassador to Armenia said. Iran's has good quality products and assure that the goods quality of Armenia is acceptable.

Iran's Ambassador to Armenia welcomed  to the proposal of Mr.Masrour for attendance  of Armenian economy  activists to boost ties in the region, If providing this opportunity,  businessman of two countries can share their experiences and use successful experiences of  Anzali Free Zone.

entrepreneurs and investors of Armenia, with an emphasis on providing special conditions to Armenia entrepreneurs to attract new ideas in this area, adding:

 with the introduction of Anzali Free Zone facilities to the entrepreneurs of Armenia we can provide necessary knowledge for development of cooperation and success of businessmen of two countries since their success depend on mutual understanding of the advantages and potentials of the two sides.

He said existing infrastructures and operations of this organization is very important for

Thomas Artashes Toomanian Armenian Ambassador to Iran expressed satisfaction with the opportunity arose to visit Anzali Free Zone said in his first trip to Gilan province, Gilan and  Anzali Free Zone has unique features and benefits, especially in the field of transport infrastructure as the most important infrastructure, with the launch of Caspian port complex of Anzali Free Zone a large portion of our commodity exports  problems will be resolved.

Mr. Marour by introducing capacities of active exporter and producers in the region express his hope that by attendance of Ambassador of Armenia economic cooperation and trade between the two countries increases. Masroor said that the joint working group  be created in order to introduce products and investment cooperation between the two countries,he added: In order to better introduction of export and manufacturing  products of  province and country the largest international conference and exhibition center was built in the north of the country, and also in the tourism sector the most equipped recreation center  in the north of country  in Anzali Free Zone have been exploited

Managing Director of anzali.f.z express his interest for developing economic cooperation with Armenia noted that we are ready to host  group of Armenian economy activists for the development of relations between two countries and increase trade transactions in the region.

Managing director of Anzali free zone welcomed to presence of Armenian ambassador in the area stating that Anzali Free Zone has provided suitable base for presence of domestic and foreign investors with the benefit of potential in the field of commercial, economic and tourism. With available capacities and capabilities in this region we can meet your needs and export Armenia Production through under construction Caspian Port complex to other neighboring countries.

Armenian Ambassador to Iran this afternoon while visiting operating production units in the area met with Reza Masrour Chairman of the Free Zone Organization.

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