April 24, 2018
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Expansion of cooperation in the fields of tourism, academic and international trade

Miguel Raul Castro's mayor of Leiria city Portugal, who headed a delegation of business and science in this area was met with Mr. Masrour, Managing director of Anzali free zone.Mr Masrour outlines the benefits and tax and customs regulations and their advantages in this area and development projects, Industrial capacity and infrastructure programs such as the construction of Caspian port complex cited as one of the main infrastructure project stated that by exploiting the Caspian port complex this harbor will be as a place to activate the North-South corridor in terms of exports and imports of goods from Europe to Southeast Asia via Iran, and will become as the biggest port in the northern Caspian port and a hub of trade and export of strategic commodities  to Caspian littoral states and as the best area for expansion of trade.


Mr. Masrour by inviting of Portugal investors for investment  and implementation of joint projects in the area said there are suitable bases in order to set up courses at universities in the region with cooperation of international universities, with regard to experience in holding  of joint courses with universities of European and Asian countries in free zones, establishing of related university courses  such as international business in partnership with universities of Portugal in Anzali Free Zone can be the result of this visit.


Chairman of Anzali.f.z organization' announced his readiness to sign an agreement for cooperation in tourism, trade, scientific noted that joint courses is being held with collaboration of  foreign universities in order to expand international trade and due to available capacity in the free zone  we can do academic activities in with partnership of international and domestic universities.


Mr. Masrour referred to natural and historical attractions of Gilan province said: Portugal is one of the major European countries in the fields of trade and tourism, Anzali Free Zone also has very good tourism infrastructure and potential so we can be special tasks in the field of trade and tourism, especially for setting up north and south corridor.


Miguel Raul Castro, mayor of the city of Leiria, Portugal at a meeting with the managing director of Anzali Free Zone welcomed to the proposals and the existing potentials in the area stating that  number of Portugal businessmen visited from Gilan and Anzali Free Zone in the past and reported that there are very good situation for investment and exposition of ties in the region and now we are ambassadors of two countries that can do cooperation in the field of trade tourism and science field.


He pointed to his first trip to Iran with the accompaniment of a team from the Polytechnic University of Portugal said this visit is an opportunity to create and promote of friendly relations between the two countries of Iran and Portugal in the field of student exchange , cultural  and knowledge ties  can do the necessary measures.


Castro expressed his hope to increase the level of bilateral relations in the infrastructure affairs stated that two sides should have evaluated their potential, capabilities and areas of cooperation to be assessed.

He reiterated that visiting from Gilan province and Anzali free zone was one of its important event in his life noted that due to the availability of tourism infrastructure and having unique and untouched nature of Gilan there are great and useful potential for expansion of ties m trade transactions and tourism industry especially in Anzali free zone.

He welcomed to the proposal of the Managing Director of Anzali Free Zone for setting up academic courses in the field of international trade in the Anzali Azad University said Portugal universities rank 21 in the world and for higher education there are two leading universities in the cities of Lisbon and portu.

At the end of the meeting, the deputies and managers of the organization and Gilan representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were also present, Mayor Leiria Portugal and his accompanying delegation consisting of businessmen and academics of this country's visited from marine recreational center, commerce and tourism Phase, Caspian port complex, industrial park, and happy land factory as the number one exporter of the country.

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