April 24, 2018
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Explicating the role of Anzali Free Zone in economic development of country

National conference"territory and position of Caspian sea and future view of Gilan promotion" with attendance of doctor Yahya Rahim Safavi, senior advisor and Special Assistant to the Supreme Leader and head of Iran's geopolitical Forum, Mr. Masrour Managing director of Anzali free zone, Civil and military officials and scholars of Iran’s geopolitical was held at the Cultural Complex of Zibaknar.

In the National Conference Mr.Masrour emphasized on the role of economic development of Gillan and country said the Anzali Free Zone Free Zones are designed to create revenue for the country so Anzali free zone is designed in the same direction as the center of business and trade with the Caspian bordering countries and Russia in particular, now is on the development stage for completing of necessary infrastructure.

He went on the importance for strengthening and developing the necessary infrastructure in the area on trade and wealth creation based on geographic location noted, Infrastructure is more important than geographical location is an area, If we develop necessary infrastructure in Anzali free zone such as railway and shipping  of the product , activating  international corridors passing through the region Anzali Free Zone can be introduced as a transit hub and export in the Caspian Sea, this leads to all-round development of Gilan especially  in economic, the business model  of Anzali Free Zone is designed this way

Managing Director of Anzali Free Zone pointed to take advantage of the opportunities available at the right time noted, opportunities are not permanent, and today enjoying of Nostrac corridor is a special opportunity that with regard to the strategic geographical location of the region and Gilan, Infrastructure development and expansion of international cooperation in order to accelerate the activation corridors passing through the area are the main strategic plans of the organization.

He pointed to programs and measures taken by the organization to develop international cooperation, especially with the Caspian littoral countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan on the world market and referred to the share of our country's from this amount,     that Iran’s share from this market is negligible so it will increase with launching of Caspian port complex operation.

He also said that the railway lines connecting to ports to be economically feasible, Rail lines  is the most important thing in trade transactions in all countries and special position of Anzali Free Zone, providing legal advantages, Benefit from the largest port complex in the Caspian Sea and connecting rail line to this area will help merchants of various countries  transit their products to target market in the shortest time and with cost-saving process, not only investors can export their products to the domestic market, to but also to foreign countries especially to  Russia and  Caspian littoral states

Mr. Masrour pointed to the steps taken in the development of international relations and an economic ideology of the organization stating that other important trade route that passes Anzali Free Zone, Silk Road corridor that started from Uromchi China, Part of this corridor pass from Aktau and is reached to Anzali Free Zone entered to the Iranian market.

develop the capacity of ports, Compare the features of active ports and under construction ports on seaside’s pointed that connecting to a network of highways connecting to the country railways to benefit from the advantages of this area that is essential for the development of the country and the province.

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