June 20, 2018
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Dutch investment company ready to build a shipyard in the Caspian port complex


A group of Netherlands investors visited of investment and development projects in the Anzali Free Zone, and held a joint meeting with the Chairman of this organization for the construction of shipyards in the Caspian port complex.


During the meeting Mr. Masroor described the role of Anzali free zone trade free zone in the region and the position of this region on the north-south corridor, because of special position in relation to the Caspian littoral states, Proximity to the ports of Astrakhan and Lagan in Russia, Krasnoudesk in Turkmenistan, Aktau in Kazakhstan and Baku in Azerbaijan, connecting to a network of highways and railway to the region in the near future.

Mr.Masrour analyzed the Iranian market and trade with the Caspian littoral countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan on the world market and a small share of the countries from these exchanges, so this amount will increase with the launch of Caspian port complex.

Mr. Masrour by describing the role of the North-South corridor stating that transit of goods through the corridor in comparison to Suez Canal has 40 percent reduction in transportation time and 30% of the cost.


Chairman of Anzali free zone pointed to Silk Road Corridor as the important trade routes passes Anzali Free Zone that starts from Uromchi, China pass through Aktau sea and reach to Anzali port of then connoted to Europe. 

Mr.Masrour referred to some specification of Caspian port complex stated this port as the largest port complex in the Caspian sea with 22 berths and capacity for loading and unloading of 15 million tons in this area is under construction and completed, Now five specialized berths are under construction by the private sector and organizations, so by the end of year two berths with presence of the President will be exploited.


Executive director of Dutch investment firm is also describe the performance of their respective companies stating that Anzali Free Zone facilities and incentives for foreign investment are the main reasons for the companies’ presence in the area so we come to this region after Initial negotiation with the department of economic and invest in Anzali Free Zone Organization and carrying out preliminary studies for the construction of a shipyard in the region.


According to legal capacity and strategic location of Caspian port complex in the Caspian Sea, this company confirmed their interest in investing and building shipyards in the Caspian port complex.

 It should be mention that Netherlands investor visited from under construction projects and Caspian port complex after talk with Masrour.
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