June 20, 2018
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
The largest Aquarium of the country's will be constructed by foreign investment in Anzali Free Zone

Managing Director of Anzali free zone announced starting for construction operations of the country's largest Aquarium project by foreign investment and reptile gardens, In line with the development of recreation and tourism infrastructure Anzali Free Zone for next month. 

Mr. Masrour stating that the construction of this tourist entertainment complex designed with a novel idea, Including the country's largest aquarium and reptile garden, an indoor amusement park, multi-dimensional cinema, residential suites, tunnel and business and service sectors will be built in Anzali Free Zone, stating that special section of this aquarium to be allocated to the Caspian Sea fishes as the specialized Caspian Sea Aquarium. 

Mr.Masrour referred to the timing for the implementation of the plan foreign investment said By doing official process, all licenses have been issued related to the implementation of projects so that this project to be enter in operational phase in the next month and this aquarium to be launched earlier than was predicted.


The Anzali Free Zone by development tourism and recreation infrastructures and offering a variety of services and facilities try to keep tourist in the region and provide more vacancies in tourism industry for younger’s.

This report referred to the arrival of more than 3 million tourists annually to trade and tourism section as well as its very good position of this unique project in the vicinity of the beach, the marine leisure center, Garden birds and commercial complexes that are always welcome by many visitors, this largest aquarium and reptile garden in Anzali free zone can be considered as  the most important tourism projects in Iran.


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