April 24, 2018
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
President Rohani said :Anzali free zone is one of the best free zone of Iran with great change and progress

Seventeen  industrial , port, agriculture, husbandry, communications, medical and construction projects of Gilan province with 2500 billion Toman of investment and creating jobs for 3600people  was inaugurated on Thursday  with presence of the President in Anzali free zone through video conference.


President Rohani during opening ceremony for two berths of the Caspian port complex and the construction operations of Marina and tourist and recreational aquarium complex in the area by appreciating the actions of activists in the region stated that great and valuable work has been done in Anzali Free Zone and is one of good and active free zone in the country, Fortunately, we have seen great developments in the region today, 18 months ago  construction operations of this project started and now we are witness for completion two berths of this port.

President said we have not used from  great blessing of the Caspian Sea and recreational facilities for people stating that Caspian port Marina project with private sector investment and capacity for berthing  350 dinghy  are good measures that has been taken for people in this province and across the country.

President emphasized that we must protect Anzali lagoon and wetland as well, because this is magnificent for this area and is being considered as recreational facilities for people.

President Rohani referred to the importance of developing and enhancing relations with neighboring countries of Caspian Sea stating that marine transportation is one of the cheapest means of transportation in the world so deepen marine relations with CIS countries was the main subject of negotiation on my trip to Russia with their authorities.

President stated that construction of aquarium as well as other recreation facilities for people on the Caspian Sea are plans of eleventh government programs in the Anzali Free Zone.

He referred to the objections of some group about the free zones that free zone as a gate for important of goods to country stating that government’s is following the free zone in order to increase employment and communications and the development of tourist attractions

President stressed: Free zones should become a transport hub and government is looking for third generation of Ports, and by God willing, this port will be connected to the railway of  Qazvin-Rasht-Astara .

He also noted to the importance of transit and handling of twenty million tons of goods from India to Russia said some part of this goods should be transit  through the Islamic Republic of Iran after connecting the Bandar Abbas railway to Moscow so that  India, Iran, Russia and other countries will benefit from it.

The president said that: In this case, we will be connected through Azerbaijan to Moscow and northern and eastern Europe as well as to Georgia and the Black Sea and Gilan province will be connection link between different regions of Iran and northern areas.

Mr.Rohani referred to readiness one of wood manufacturing companies in the province for the production of wood and planting trees across the country stating that This is valuable work for the environment and people's health and life and as motivation for production and creating job for people.

The president referred to construction of six thousand wagon contracts with Russia saying that thousands of built wagons will be delivered to us and five thousand remaining wagon will be build in Iran and leading to increase of  production and employment for the youth of the country.

He said construction of Rasht - Astara railway with the participation of Azerbaijan will start soon so that every step is taken, it should be as  a source of hope for all countries and we should benefit from the space and facilities as well.

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