June 25, 2018
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Ki Seung Jang, managing director of Korean company of Carmen announced


Ki Seung Jang, managing director of Korean company of Carmen during his visit with Managing Director of Anzali free zone referred to the investment and under construction company in this region announced his readiness for the development of investment in this area.


Ki Seung Jang, managing director of Korean company of Carmen cited their forty percent progress on construction of automobile diagnostic scanner in the region referred to a top speed of technological progress in the world stated that Carmen export –base company in the region looking for   a partners for cooperation so that to be able to help them keep pace with the development of technology in the world, Therefore, with respect to existing potential in the region we have chosen Anzali Free Zone for investment and developed our cooperation with Iran the knowledge-based companies. 

Mr.Masrour referred to advantages of free zone such as cheap energy and skilled labor and export opportunities for exporting products to market of the Caspian littoral states through the port of Caspian by taking advantages of exemption in Anzali free zone announced his readiness for support and cooperation with south Korean investors in high Tech industry.


The Carmen South Korea company has started since 1995 to produce a variety of automotive diagnostic systems for last model of cars in the world without a PC (DIAG), this company is  one of the biggest brand in the world in cooperation with an Iranian company to build "Caspian Carmen" factory with the aim of producing , export as well as educational services to improve Iranian, Middle East and the Caspian Sea littoral states clients knowledge and skills to work with this machine. 

In addition to the investment of Carmen  company other foreign companies have invested in the region, such as Panasonic company for construction of small household appliances, production of adhesives label by using natural skin with the participation of German investors, production of industrial Detergent with the participation of Italian investors, production of fire and rescue vehicles with the participation of Poland investors, production of food supplement with hundred percent investment of Chinese investors.

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