May 26, 2019
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Anzali Free Zone is of great importance in activating the North-South Corridor


Suomar Kumar added that the need for proper communication with the countries of CIS and West Asia added, India regards these countries as their neighbors and seeks to establish a proper relationship with them using the capacities available in the free zones of Chabahar and Anzali.

Ambassador of India to Iran met with Mr. Reza Masrour, chairman of the board of directors and managing director of the organization, they discussed the development of bilateral relations between the two countries, benefiting from the capacity of the region and activating the North-South Corridor.

Mr.Masrour stated that Investors and economic activists in India by relying on the opportunities and infrastructure of Anzali Free Zone to benefit from the business opportunities of the North-South corridor. Anzali Free Zone, as the only free zone of Iran in the north of the country, has been the subject of attention by national and public authorities through various development projects in the field of infrastructure, especially in the areas of transit and tourism.

He evaluated the visit of the top managers of the Islamic Republic of Iran to this region over the past two year’s shows its importance in the international economic strategies of the country. The plan to build a Caspian port complex as the Iran's largest port in the Caspian Sea is also the largest infrastructure project in the free zones of the country. This April by opening of two posts by the president this port entered to the operational phase.

This infrastructure plan is being completed by the organization with the aim of expanding exports to the Caspian littoral states and completing the necessary infrastructure to activate the north-south corridor, and the development of relations with these countries.

Mr.Masrour described of the existing advantages and legal exemptions of the area, the Caspian Sea market is one of the main goals of this organization's business development plan, with the formation of joint production companies of the private sector of two countries, and it is possible to export the products from the region to the CIS countries.

Managing director of Anzali Free Zone Organization pointed out the strategic situation of this region in developing economic relations and international interactions of the country stated that stock exchange of this region is a suitable platform for the development of trade between the Caspian littoral countries, especially in the supply of agricultural and petrochemical products.

Sorab Kumar, Ambassador of India to Iran said in this meeting on interesting of his country for developing and facilitating trade and economic relations with our country stating that Iran and India have a lot of historical common background and we need to transform the historical ties between the two countries into modern relations.

Ambassador of India to Iran, referring to the actions and investments made by India to complete the infrastructure of the North-South corridor in the Chabahar port, emphasized on the importance of this corridor for the government and private sector investors, The use of the Nostrac Corridor is of great importance in terms of reducing the cost and time of transportation of goods for economic development and trade between the two countries.

Referring to the importance of Anzali Free Zone as one of the most important points on the Nostrac Corridor, he emphasized this region as the main center of shipping lines to Caspian littoral states and connecting Iranian railways to Azerbaijan and other countries of the Caspian Sea are of great importance in this international corridor.

Soram Kumar stated that Iran was considered as a trading partner of India and my goal of visiting Anzali Free Zone is to study the development plans of this region as an active area in the field of international trade, and its location on the Nostrac Corridor is very important for the country of India.

He emphasized the need for business and economic organizing of India and Iran with the talks of famous companies of the two countries said, The visit of business and economic officials of Iran and India from the infrastructure of the two countries and the familiarity of India's investors with the privileges and exemptions of Anzali Free Zone has a significant impact on the trade and economic relations of the two countries.

Ambassador of India to Iran stated, So far, steps have been taken to develop the trade and economic relations between the two countries, but there is a great deal for the development of comprehensive relations between Iran and India. So far, steps have been taken to develop the trade and economic relations between the two countries, but there is a great deal for the development of comprehensive relations between Iran and India.

Indian ambassador visited the Caspian port of the region's tourist and commercial infrastructure at the end of the visit.

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