September 22, 2018
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Holding a joint Iranian and Australian specialized exhibition in Anzali Free Zone

Vice- ambassador of Australia in Iran visited from Anzali free zone and in his meeting with Mr.Masroor, chairman of the board of directors and the managing director of the organization, discussed the strategies for developing bilateral relations based on existing capacities.

Mr. Masrour pointed to the advantages and incentives of the region and the various capacities and abilities of industrial, export and commercial of Anzali Free Zone in the north-east corridor stated that Caspian Sea Port Complex is a great opportunity for Australian merchants to transit goods to Caspian littoral states and the Nostrac commercial route, with the presence of the Iranian president, two posts of the total berths of this port complex have been opened and  due to the proper location of the industrial states and having big hinterland behind complex this port is considered  as third generation port in the world and its ideal platform is proper for the rapid transit of goods and the processing of Australian products to the countries of the Caspian Sea.

Mr.Masroor proposed to host a joint Iranian-Australian specialty exhibition hosted by the region stated that in regard to  Australia's global position in agriculture and related industries and environmental issues and marine industries, Industrial areas as well as natural potential and agricultural products and fisheries in Guilan province, especially tea and rice, there are good capacities for mutual cooperation, especially in the context of the transfer of technology and environmental experiences of Australia and the export of agricultural products in Gilan.

Mr. Timothy John Patterson vice- ambassador of Australia in Iran, welcomed to the proposed joint bilateral exhibition stating that exhibition is an excellent opportunity for businessmen of two countries to meet each other and evaluate their abilities. We are glad to be able to work together with our successful experiences in the field of water resource management, agricultural production, and environmental issues.

John Patterson stating that we are trying to restore the level of trade relations between the two countries before the sanctions, With the reopening of the Australian business office in Tehran last year, there has been scope for expansion of cooperation in the fields of oil and gas, mining, agriculture and fisheries.

The vice-ambassador of Australianin Iran visited various sections of the Caspian port complex, tourism facilities in the region's trade and tourism phase. The meeting was also attended by deputies and directors of the organization and the State Department's representative in Gilan.


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