September 22, 2018
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
With regard to the attractiveness and infrastructure, capacities and investment opportunities in the Anzali Free Zone I will introduce them to English companies.

Nicholas Hopton, Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Iran, met Mr. Reza Mesroor, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the Organization; they talked about the common areas of cooperation between the two countries, based on the capacities of Anzali Free Zone.

The British ambassador in this meeting stated that there are good areas of cooperation with Anzali Free Zone and Guilan province, especially in the field of tourism and economics, he evaluate projects of Anzali free zone very attractive and said Guilan province due to geographical and climatic conditions and the existence of free zone and benefiting from commercial and economic potential for us and English companies there are good and beneficial business cooperation capacities

Nicholas Hopton evaluated Anzali Free Zone Investment Projects and Investment Opportunities Significant for English Companies, with regard to the infrastructure, capacities and investment opportunities we will introduce this region to companies and investors of my country.

The Ambassador of the United Kingdom announced his interest of active British companies the field of automobile production and sales in Anzali Free Zone stating that i am confident that  in the future Anzali free zone will become a great advantage for Iran, In this regard, I will plan the British Business and Economic delegations traveling to Iran to visit from Anzali Free Zone

The first step in connecting with the free zone is to anchor its relationship with London's financial institutions he stated that United Kingdom is committed to fulfilling all its commitments on Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action we will be witness of positive changes in relations between the two countries, In order to accelerate the development of economic and financial cooperation the obstacles ahead should be overcome and removed.

Mr.Masrur introduced the Anzali Free Zone as only free zone of Iran in the north, by expressing the benefits and exemptions that are allocated to foreign investors in the free zones of Iran said Caspian Sea Port Complex as the most important infrastructure project of the Free Zones of Iran and the largest port in Iran in the Caspian Sea worth $ 300 million investment, In this area has been built with an export approach and currency earnings for  the country that various offers from foreign investors have been presented to participate in this important infrastructure project.

Mr.Masrour pointing out that we are seeking to establish financial institutions in the free zones of Iran,we would like to use the experiences of England in this area, stating that one of the most important capacities of Anzali Free Zone and Guilan Province is tourism, In addition to the tourism infrastructure built in this area, we are building new infrastructure facilities with international standards.

Referring to the registration of more than 2,000 companies and 148 foreign companies in the area, he said, we have investors from different European and Asian countries in the tourism, commercial and industrial sectors of Anzali Free Zone, after removing sanction, we were witness for increase in the presence of foreign companies in the area and we welcome to investors in HI- TECH and knowledge base industries in this area.

there are good capacities in the field of holding specialized exhibitions between the two countries in this region, he said Currently more than 150 industrial companies and 3 commercial complexes are active in this region in addition to  six  under construction commercial complexes by the private sector

Representatives of the State Department in Gilan and the deputies and managers of the organization and business adviser of British Embassy in Iran attended in the meeting, After meeting ambassador and the delegation visited trade and tourism infrastructures of the region and the Caspian port complex.

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