September 22, 2018
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
By activating eight stagnant production units in the six months of this year
In order to realize the plans of this organization during the first six months of this year, with the activation of 8 stagnant industrial units, the number of units dropped out of stagnation and deactivation over the past three and a half years reached 55 units. In this regard, 19 production units were also introduced to operating banks for receiving 751 billion Rials of facility to take steps to boost production and business in the region. 
 In the first half of this year Anzali Free Zone was able to activate 8 stagnate companies, at the same time, seven other manufacturing companies are also following their executive operations for attendance in market.
Production of various types of wood plast from agricultural waste as a knowledge base company, production of animal feed supplement that attracts foreign direct investors, production of Opal dish, Chinese  and Crystal dishes, production of all kinds of industrial detergents, production of various anti-theft doors and wooden artifacts,  production decorative construction products, the production of ozone and ultraviolet machines and, finally, the production of various light and heavy  hydrocarbons by blending, these are numbers of companies that have not only been out of recession but also in the production circuit. 
On the other hand, several companies are currently also involved in the construction process and installation of their production lines, that will produce various kinds of industrial brushes; all kinds of home and cleaning workplaces tools based on Nano technology; manufacturing optic fiber and production of P.A.T original grid will being manufactured to be exported. 
It should be noted that productive units that are out of recession and are currently producing products have directly created jobs for 337 people. Companies that are in the process of building will also create employment for more than 100 people. 
 Therefore, one of the mechanisms of this organization is to bring production units out of recession by financing so that in the first six months of this year 19 manufacturing units were introduced to operating bank through Ministry of Industry and Mining Application to receive 751 billion riyals finance which are at the stage of approval and introduced to the country's banking network.
It should be mention that Anzali Free Zone Organization over the past three and half years has bring out 55 stagnant industrial units via the replacement of a new investor, Changing the technology of a product line or produced product by solving their financial problems. These companies by 4771 billion rials investment have created1373 job for people, On the other hand, in 2016, this organization introduced 41 active companies to operating banks to obtain 607 billion rials finance. 
 The Anzali Free Zone Organization has paid special attention to the economic indicators, especially the export-oriented manufacturing units, which over the past four years has yielded a significant and positive performance in the export indicators from the region's production.
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