November 20, 2018
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Launch of maritime tourism lines, holding joint Iranian-Azerbaijani exhibition and developing trade exchanges
 Azerbaijani Ambassador to Boniad Iran's Husseinov meets with Mr. Masroor, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of this organization, they talk about increasing economic and tourism cooperation between Azerbaijan and Iran by using Anzali free zone capacities.
 Reza Masroor, at the meeting, emphasized on the commonalities and abilities of the two countries for the development of trade relations and the activation of the north-south corridor stated that good agreements have been made with regard to the plans of the Anzali Free Zone Organization to launch new Transit routes to activate international corridors. it is necessary to carry out studies on the route of cargo transportation from the route of Shahid Rajaee to Caspian, Azerbaijan and, eventually, Moscow and the port of St. Petersburg again, in cooperation with the Azerbaijani side. What is certain is that this route in comparison to the Suez Canal, leads to a 40% reduction in shipping costs.
 He went on to highlight our capacities and cooperation between the two countries and the holding of the specialized exhibition of Iran and Azerbaijan stating that there are good co-operation capacities between the two countries, which can be developed using the capabilities and infrastructure of Anzali Free Zone. Specialized exhibition of Iran and Azerbaijan in Anzali Free Zone will be held in the near future with the participation of exporters and producers of the two countries. The initial understanding has been done to launch maritime passenger lanes and to develop maritime tourism between the two countries.
The managing director of the organization has announced the preparation for the annual joint commission meeting between Iran and Azerbaijan hosted by Anzali Free Zone. A joint commission has been established to increase trade between Iran and Azerbaijan, which will be held annually. The summit was held last year in Tehran and was proposed by the Free Zone of Anzali that this organization is ready to re-organize the summit in the region. So, while visiting the capacities of Anzali Free Zone, taking positive steps and decisions in line with the development of business relations should be taken. 
Considering the construction of the marina tourism quay in Anzali Free Zone and the desire of the people of the two countries to carry out sea trips from the Caspian Sea, he said Following the talks and meetings with Russian and Kazakh authorities, these countries are also ready to launch a maritime tourist shipping line in the Caspian Sea, and also It is possible to create a maritime tourism line between the countries of the Caspian Sea by joint cooperation. 
 Mr.boniad hosseinve, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Iran highlights the role of Anzali Free Zone in developing relations between the Caspian littoral states, and  Anzali Free Zone plays a significant role in the development of relations between neighboring countries, In this regard, it will also affect bilateral trade and trade relations in third countries, he stated I believe that, in addition to familiarizing the two countries with each other facilities, the private sector of the two countries should be encouraged to be witness with the boom of economic and commercial activity between investors and businessmen of the two countries.
 He pointed to the progress of the bilateral relations between Iran and Azerbaijan in recent years said; Azerbaijani government ready to invest $ 100m in Rasht-Anzali-Astara railway, In addition to 75% increase in Azerbaijani trade in last year, one million people travel to Iran annually, Most of these trips are aimed at treating and using Iranian medical facilities.
 Azerbaijani ambassador to Iran emphasized the need to create maritime tourism lines, regarding sea trips between the two countries, due to negotiations with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Cultural Heritage Organization, we are trying to make a passenger ship with the ability to have the acceptable speed and strength for traffic in the Caspian Sea as a sea with special features. In this regard, the Azerbaijani Shipping Organization is ready to full cooperation.
 He stated that the joint commission of the two countries is active and relations between the two countries will increase in the future, The port of Yalta is also being built alongside the port of Baku and we are planning to turn the port of Yalta into a free zone. We will use the experience of Anzali Free Zone, We are coordinating for attendance of private sector investors of Azerbaijan in the in the Free Zone of Anzali for the development of cooperation. Because there are facilities and good relations have been created between businessmen of the two countries.
Azerbaijani ambassador to Iran in the end said,, we had a good and useful discussion in this meeting in terms of introducing the capabilities and potential of Anzali Free Zone and Azerbaijan. Considering the importance of tourism issues, one of the most important decisions of this meeting is the creation of passenger shipping lines between the port of Baku and the Caspian port of Anzali Free Zone, in this regard, both sides have come to an agreement and good results have been achieved. 
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