October 20, 2018
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
This region can become one of the major path of Iran export to the Caspian sea littoral states
 Dr. Morteza Bank, Advisor to the President and Secretary of the High Council for Free Zones during  the visit to this region said Anzali Free Zone can be one of the important rout of Iran export to the Caspian littoral states. According to the Civil Construction Infrastructure Law, the establishment of appropriate conditions for domestic and foreign investors to create employment and export of goods and also doing business transaction in the past four years, have been created good actions in this regard and good projects have been done in the field of industry and domestic products.
 He said about his visit plan to Anzali Free Zone at the time of arrival to Anzali the Free we had a visit to the Caspian Sea port complex, the port that I accompanied Mr. President this April at the opening ceremony of the two piers had been created by the private sector. In this regard, I must say that it is a joy after 6 months of this visit; we are witnessing the construction of a hinterland with an area of 8 hectares, which is a very valuable and important work.
 Mr.Bank by Referring to four lane of access road to the Caspian port complex, which met traffic needs at time of completion noted in the industrial field according to report of Mr. Masrour, 55 industrial units in the Anzali Free Zone which had remained stagnant and unused were activated again by handing over to a new investor, in addition 9000 people were employed in the industrial complex and other parts of the region.
 He stated about the type of activity of the production units visited by himو These units were established by domestic and foreign investment, one of them unit was established by the Chinese with a million dollars which produces Sanitary supplies from livestock.

The president's adviser announced that, fortunately we had  $ 55 million export of goods to oversee that have been made inside  this region this year and about $ 390 million will be re-exported from the Anzali Free Zone to the end of the year. He noted that based on the measures and plans implemented and the existing capacity of this region, it is one of our important centers for export of goods, which can be one of the important sources of Iran's exports to the Caspian littoral countries.

Dr. Bank  noted that Considering the Iranian neighbors with the countries of the Caspian Sea and other countries, Anzali Free Zone will be one of the important export centers of the country,  infrastructure in this area, especially in the Caspian Sea port complex, is being built on the basis of increased capacity and development of export of goods to these countries and the import of required products. 
 Dr. Bank emphasizes that in completing of this port, we are witnessing developments in the field of tourism and maritime recreation, which is inaugurated in stages. he expressed hope that Anzali  Free Zone and Bandar Anzali  are in the direction of development and their moving is a typical example of export of our goods from our country to the neighboring countries from the sea.
 Advisor to the president expressing happiness for closeness of this region to the rail network of the country and expressing that we are going to accelerate the connection of the region to the national railway line, due to the proximity of the airport to this area and the availability of suitable road routes, there are available complete chain of transport network to Anzali Free Zoneو Which provides the capacity and the excellent conditions for the presence of foreign and domestic investors.


Advisor to the president and secretary of free zones supreme Council along with the deputies of the Supreme Council has been attended in order to open four industrial units and a tourism project and visit infrastructure development projects and development projects in Anzali Free Zone.

 According to the report president's advisor  visited from various parts of the Caspian Sea port complex, Marina's quay at the complex, control tower, underpass  Intersection , Coastal Sport Complexes in the Free Zone of Anzali, consultants provided the necessary explanations regarding the project profile and project process.
On the other hand, Dr. Bank and their companies visited under construction craftsman complex, The Marine Recreation Center, the Beach Park, Export Development Center, the Aquarium Project and the Reptile Park and Exhibition Center. Finally, with the presence of Dr. Morteza Bank, the musical water show and musical screen bird’s garden cost of 3 billion rials were inaugurated.
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