December 11, 2018
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
An increase of 33% in the issuance of non-industrial investment licenses in Anzali Free Zone during the seven months of this year

The issuance of non-industrial investment licenses in the region increased by 33% from April to the end of October this year and compared to the same period last year.

According to the licenses issued by the investment department of this organization, over the past seven months, 40 investment licenses have been issued in various areas, but at the same time, in the seven months of 2016 these licenses was 30.

Among total non-industrial licenses issued, 21 licenses are in the tourist-residential area, 5 licenses for the construction of a service complex and welfare services, 5 licenses were issued in the car service sector

The value of the capital declared for the 40 investment permits issued from April to the end of the month of October is equal to 15188 billion Rials, In contrast to the 10977 billion Rials of the investment invested by investors over the same period last year was 38%.

Therefore, the growing trend for issuance of investment licenses in the Anzali Free Zone has started since 2015, applying all the legal and legal privileges attributable to investment in the region, the activation of stagnant manufacturing and trading units, the dramatic increase in the presence of tourists, Construction of the Caspian Sea Port Complex as the largest infrastructure of free zones in Iran, improving the business situation, implementing various infrastructure and development projects, Holding specialized exhibitions at the International Exhibition Center, and developing international relations to enhance international relations through the activation of the north-sought corridor, an attempt to create a new trade corridor between Iran and China centered by  Anzali Free Zone, and also, the growth of economic indicators is one of the main reasons for the increasing interest in investing in the closest free zone of the country to Tehran and the Caspian littoral states that are on the Nostrac commercial route. 
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