February 20, 2018
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The Caspian Sea, Anzali Free Zone, was designated as the "official and authorized frontier" 2018/02/10
With the present of senior government officials, the Aquarium project and the major industrial unit will be inaugurated next March next year. 2018/02/08
60 percent increase in value of investment in Anzali Free Zone 2018/01/07
With the support of Anzali Free Zone, 22 new products entered into the country's software market 2018/01/04
Establishing a Logistics Town and launching a new industrial city with Chinese investments in the hinterland of Caspian port complex and activating the Urumqi - Aktau Anzali corridor 2017/12/20
An increase of 33% in the issuance of non-industrial investment licenses in Anzali Free Zone during the seven months of this year 2017/11/08
Allocation of 20 hectares of lands in Astrakhan's special economic zone to Iranian companies 2017/11/04
Caspian Sea passenger line will be launched next year with the construction of the first modern ship in Astrakhan 2017/10/28
This region can become one of the major path of Iran export to the Caspian sea littoral states 2017/10/14
Launch of maritime tourism lines, holding joint Iranian-Azerbaijani exhibition and developing trade exchanges 2017/10/09
By activating eight stagnant production units in the six months of this year 2017/10/07
Implementing Resistance Economics Policies and Support for domestic production is one of the main goals of the exhibition 2017/08/30
With regard to the attractiveness and infrastructure, capacities and investment opportunities in the Anzali Free Zone I will introduce them to English companies. 2017/08/12
Holding a joint Iranian and Australian specialized exhibition in Anzali Free Zone 2017/08/10
Anzali Free Zone is of great importance in activating the North-South Corridor 2017/07/30
Koreans tend to invest in the Caspian port complex 2017/06/13
Ki Seung Jang, managing director of Korean company of Carmen announced 2017/05/17
We are ready to absorb international industrial investment in Anzali Free Zone 2017/05/16
President Rohani said :Anzali free zone is one of the best free zone of Iran with great change and progress 2017/04/16
Official opening of Caspian port complex, construction operations of Marina and the largest aquarium complex of Iran in the Anzali free zone by president 2017/04/03
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