February 23, 2019
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Inauguration of 52 projects with investment of 12891 billion riyals and 115 million Euros with employment of 5118 people in forty anniversary of Islamic revolution. 2019/02/06
Realization of 7267 billion Rials of investment in nine months of this year in Anzali Free Zone 2019/01/27
Arrival of first commercial cargo from Ningbo Port of China to Caspian Port of Anzali Free Zone 2019/01/21
The first cargo of edible oil entered to Gilan province and berthed on Caspian port complex. 2019/01/01
Ningbo great harbor is being connected to Caspian port complex by sending first cargo 2018/12/11
New members of the board of directors of Anzali Free Zone Organization were appointed 2018/12/09
Expansion of economic relations, signing a memorandum of cooperation and the growth of trade exchanges from the China-Kazakhstan- Anzali Free Zone Corridor 2018/11/11
Issuance of 1169 economic activity permit and absorption of 3447 billion riyals of domestic investment in Anzali Free Zone. 2018/10/10
The urgency for accelerating the process of granting bank loan approved for Takapoo plan for economic activists in the region 2018/09/18
Inauguration of 16 productive, investment, rural, cultural and tourism projects with total investment 238 billion riyals 2018/09/01
A new route for trade between Iran and China has been launched 2018/08/29
Dr. Masrour announced government week plans of the Anzali Free Zone 2018/08/28
Setting up international stock exchanges in the Free Zones of Iran 2018/07/18
Describing China's strategy to launch New International Silk Road Corridor 2018/07/03
Anzali Free Zone can become one of economic hub of the country 2018/07/03
Launching corridor of China- Kazakhstan-Iran with the arrival of the first cargo to the Caspian port complex 2018/06/30
The Great award of Management was granted to Dr. Reza Masrour as chairman of the board of directors and managing director of Anzali Free Zone organization 2018/06/25
656% increase in warehouse space of the Anzali Free zone in the last four years 2018/06/14
Setting up of China, Kazakhstan, Anzali corridor with the arrival of the first commercial cargo to the Caspian port with the presence of two countries authorities 2018/06/13
The booths of this organization will be assigned to credible Iranian brands in commercial complexes 2018/04/22
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