July 29, 2021
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Successful presence of Anzali Free Zone Organization in the first Eurasia International Exhibition in Tehran 2021/07/20
Anzali Free Zone was assigned as auxiliary organization to establish Incheh boroon Free Zone 2021/06/27
The arrival of the 110th ship from corridor of China, Kazakhstan, Iran to Caspian port complex 2021/06/16
Investment of aviation industry companies in Anzali free zone 2021/06/09
Railway will be connected to Caspian port complex by the end of twelfth government 2021/05/18
The value of exports and re-exports of Anzali Free Zone in 2020 exceeded $ 188 million, 2021/05/10
Managing Director of Anzali Free Zone Organization visited from non-coplanar intersection and the connection point of the national railway to Caspian port complex. 2021/04/28
Connectivity of railway and its operation in Caspian port complex were reviewed. 2021/04/28
Mr.Ali osat Akbari Moghaddam was appointed as new managing director of Anzali Free Zone Organization 2021/04/27
Coordination and Development Meeting of International Working Group of north –south corridor 2021/04/17
Allocation of at least 50% of deposits of each bank located in free zones to finance production units. 2021/04/06
Transit of the first shipment of Chinese goods to Iraq through the Caspian port complex 2021/03/31
Caspian port trade grew by 78% this year with berthing of 168 ships 2021/03/14
Welcoming Chinese investors to investment opportunities in the Anzali Free Zone 2021/03/02
With establishment of joint Russian-Indian-Iranian company and conclusion of protocol, collaborations are expanding through north-south corridor 2021/02/20
Mr. Amin Ofoghi was appointed as deputy of port and Caspian Sea affairs 2021/02/16
Railway will be completed by spring 2020 and Caspian Sea will be connected to the Persian Gulf . 2021/02/13
Mr. Seyed Mehdi Naghavi appointed as the head of the Anzali Free Zone Organization 2021/02/04
Willingness one of China's largest port and logistics infrastructure builder companies for attendance in the Caspian Port Complex 2021/02/02
Wholesale of Iranian goods in Russian markets 2021/02/01
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