December 4, 2022
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی

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Anzali Free Zone is one of the largest free zones in the country 2022/11/30
The brilliance of Asar Novin under title("AGE GROUP" company of Anzali Free zone region in conference of Iran's first exporters. 2022/11/27
Emphasis on development of business cooperation between Turkey and Iran 2022/11/23
Investment in Anzali Free Zone increased by 26% 2022/11/21
The Minister of Economic and Finance Affairs appointed Hojatullah Abdul Maliki as the Secretary of the Supreme Council of Free Commercial Industrial and Special Economic Zones. 2022/11/20
Issa Farhadi, Managing director of organization appointed Maysam Mohammadnejad as vice- management development of this organization 2022/11/20
Emphasis on development of business cooperation between Turkey and Iran 2022/11/19
Cooperation and exchange of goods between Iran and Russia has clear horizon 2022/11/19
Anzali free zone attended in Kish Inox 2022 event with participation of ten manufacturing, commercial and tourism companies 2022/10/19
Nasrullah Ebrahimi" was appointed as the head of secretariat of Supreme Council of Free and Special Economic Zones 2022/10/16
Negotiations of Anzali Free Zone Organization with companies present in the largest Russian trade delegation in Iran 2022/10/11
Deputy of port and Caspian Sea affairs of Anzali Free Zone Announced 2022/10/08
Cooperation for supplement of raw materials and export to Eurasian market 2022/09/13
In meeting of Issa Farhadi with governor of Gilan, it was stated: 2022/09/12
Feasibility of cooperation and joint venture in the Eurasian Economic Union 2022/09/11
Caspian will be new and future generation port of the Caspian Sea 2022/09/04
The Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan at summon of development of economic relations with Anzali Free Zone: 2022/08/29
Another step in development of Iran's relations with Eurasia: 2022/08/28
Anzali Free Zone by expansion of its capacities can become center of exchanges between Caspian Sea countries and Eurasian countries with South Asia. 2022/08/21
Caspian Sea National Day is an opportunity to expand regional cooperation 2022/08/14
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Anzali Free Zone Boulevard martyr fatehi phase of trade and tourism, free trade-industrial zone
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