February 21, 2017
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Anzali Free Zone Area
Anzali free zone includes range area of Anzali city with approximately 3200 hectares of land and waters to a depth of two kilometers from the coastal range. Anzali Free Trade - Industrial Zone (except the port area) lead from West to Navy lands and Talebabad Village and from east to village of chaparpood.
Anzali free zone is in three separate area that each part has its own potentials, These three area are:
- Section 1 Golshan district and trade phase with area of 2091 hectares of land that includes a agricultural land , with low population density and residential areas, the least amount of rice field , access to beautiful beaches and there are recreational and tourism facilities.
- Section 2 Hassanroud Industrial park and surrounded area about 946 hectares area that include industrial park, national land and adjacent to wetlands.
- Section 3 Harbor area of Anzali free zone with 106 hectares area that has been provided facilities for loading and unloading of ship cargo.
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