May 26, 2019
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Launching corridor of China- Kazakhstan-Iran with the arrival of the first cargo to the Caspian port complex


Launching the corridor of China- Kazakhstan-Iran with the arrival of the first cargo to the Caspian port complex, Opening of the largest aquarium complex and Reptile Garden of Iran with investment of 30 million Euros, The largest Marina dock in Caspian Sea and two industrial units in Anzali Free Zone industrial park.

Five infrastructure, manufacturing and tourism projects was opened with the presence of Dr. Jahangir in the region, with state investment(this organization) about 1075 billion Toman and the private sector of Iran and 30 million Euro foreign investment.

Urom Chi, Aktau, Anzali, Combined Corridor was launched with berthing first ship in Caspian port complex with the presence of Dr. Jahangiri in Anzali Free Zone as a new trade route between Iran and China. This corridor cost less and time shorter for transit of goods in comparison to current corridor between two countries, it was designed after several years study and research and was set to operation today and can serve as a new route for commodity exchange between China and Europe through Bazargan Border of Iran border that result to increase the country's foreign exchange earnings.

On the other hand, with the presence of the first vice president largest recreational and tourism complex of the aquarium and reptile garden of Iran with the investment over 30 million Euros was opened in Anzali Free Zone, this exclusive tourist attractions complex was officially opened in the trade and tourism phase of the region with an area of more than 10,000 square meters in four floors with private sector investment from Turkey. By inauguration of the aquarium another infrastructure project completed in tourism industry in Gilan province so that by increasing the presence of domestic and foreign tourists creates more employment.

Recreational and tourism complex of the aquarium and reptiles garden including the largest aquarium tunnel of the country with a length of 40 meters and the garden of reptiles in the country, indoor entertainment park, bowling, multi-dimensional cinema, residential suites and commercial and services centers with direct employment of 140 persons.

Anzali Free Zone Marina dock was another important infrastructure project inaugurated by presence of the first vice president in the region. construction of Marina docks as the most important infrastructure for operation of sea tourism in the Caspian Sea which has been put on the agenda by the Anzali Free Zone Organization as the most important infrastructure for activating sea tourism in this sea, with the possibility for berthing about 300 floats which is being considered as an important step towards development of maritime tourism and job creation for this part of the tourism industry.

It is worth mentioning that the employment rate of Marina's dock will be 150 persons, the total investment of this organization by participation of the private sector is about 40 billion Toman.

At the same time two projects was inagurated in the field Hi-Tec and pharmaceutical by investment of private sectors about 35 billion Tomans and employment of 105 persons.

Antifreeze additives, brake oils, motor oils, hair sprays and all kinds of air fresheners are the first project in terms of applying high technology and considering factors such as the presence of educated and expert workforces in Guilan province by applying the legal advantages of the region in order to reach the export markets of the Caspian littoral countries in an area of 11,763 square meters located in Industrial park No. 2 of Anzali Free Zone.

In these projects which has been used the world standards investment of 25 billion Toman has been made which directly created employment of 70 persons.

At the same time, the second industrial project that inaugurated by Dr. Jahangiri in Anzali Free Zone was producing MS drug by the private sector investment over 10 billion Toman in an area of 1681 square meters in 3 floors in Industrial park No. 2 of Anzali Free Zone and employment of 35 educated and professional staff.

Visiting from Happy Land as the garment manufacturing unit and top exporter and entrepreneur of the country in the industrial state No.2 of the area, participation in the meeting of directors of the Supreme Council Secretariat and Managing Directors of Free Zone organizations were other parts of the first vice president's visit to Anzali Free Zone.

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