May 26, 2019
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Describing China's strategy to launch New International Silk Road Corridor

Opening ceremony of infrastructure, tourism and industrial projects done by domestic and foreign investors and launching the China- Kazakhstan - Iran corridor by the presence of Dr. Ishaq Jahangiri, the first vice - president, senior officials of country and province, including the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Secretary of Supreme Council and Managing Directors of the Free Zones Organizations, the Governor of Guilan, Managers of the President Administration, Representatives of the people of Gilan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly and Senior Managers of shipping companies , Port and maritime organizations, Foreign investors of these projects and economic activists held at the Exhibitions  and convention center of Anzali Free Zone Free organization.


Dr. Reza Mesrour, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the  Anzali Free Zone Organization at the ceremony expressing that with launching of China, Kazakhstan and Iran corridor is possible to transit 10 million tons of goods . He stated that earnings foreign exchange from the transit of goods is one of the new sources of income for countries so that this organization has given priority in his agenda in recent years. In this regard, free zones of Iran by taking advantages of their incentives and exemptions can play a role as one of the most suitable routes for earnings foreign exchange.

He stated that the corridor of China- Kazakhstan - Iran was established by the arrival of the first consignment and a new trading route was created for the country and pointed to reasons for success and capacity of the Suez Canal Corridors stating that the Suez Canal with annual transit of one billion ton of goods between Asian and European countries is one of the most important international trade routes which has been considered as a costly and time-consuming route, and its success should be due to the existence of large transportation companies and appropriate infrastructures.


Mr. Masrour went on analysis of the new Chinese commercial strategy, entitled "A Belt and a Way," expressing that about 115 million tons of Chinese goods are transported through the Suez Canal to European markets. this country in order to reduce its reliance on the above-mentioned path and not lose its position in trade competition  with USA looking for new business routes with Europe and pointed to each of these business routes stated that Urom Chi, Aktau, Anzali corridor cost less and time shorter for transit of goods in comparison to current corridor between two countries, it was designed by this organization after several years of study and research and was set to operation today and can serve as a new route for commodity exchange between China and Europe through Bazargan Border of Iran that result to increase of country's foreign exchange earnings. By expert assessments and formation of consortium and cooperation of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development there is a capacity to transport 10 million tons of goods through this corridor.

He appreciated from first vice president and senior officials for their support from the Anzali Free Zone organization and referred to the currency problems of the country stated that we will do our best to earn and increase the country's foreign exchange revenues in direction to accomplish our duties for countries.

 Dr. Misrour referred to the opening of a tourism investment project by foreign investor in Anzali Free Zone with the presence of Dr. Jahangiri stated that in the current situation of country can move toward attraction of foreign investors and opening of the largest recreational and tourism aquarium complex and reptile garden with a investment of 30 million Euros confirms the possibility of extending this strategy to other parts of the country.

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