August 4, 2020
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Inauguration of 52 projects with investment of 12891 billion riyals and 115 million Euros with employment of 5118 people in forty anniversary of Islamic revolution.

Inauguration and operation of 52 projects of industrial, investment, development, tourism, cultural project with investment value of 12891 billion riyals and an additional 115 million Euros with a direct employment of 5118 people on the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in the region, said Mr. Masrour, chairman of the board of directors and managing director.

He stated that industrial-productive projects that will set in operation during decade of Mubarak Fajr in the region. 14 manufacturing projects that are being opened in Fajar decade are in various fields including, textile, cosmetic and beauty, chemical and food industries, garment, frog breeding farms, Nano products and plastic container with 253 billion riyals investment with directly employment for 214 people.


He stated that first small-scale power plant with capacity of 25 MW electricity was officially opened with private investment in this Fajar decade. This power plant with investment of 870 billion riyals and direct employment of 25 people is officially set into electricity circuit production.

The third pier of the Caspian port complex with investment of 800 billion Riyals and employment of100 people is being exploited in these days. Two oil and fuel tanks with 21100 square meters foundation with private sector investment about 300 billion riyals and job vacancy for 25 people will be open. In addition, construction of indoor warehouse with 11,000 square meters area and 3000 tons silo by the private sector investment about 350 billion riyals, these projects will create job for 45 people.

Two residential complexes with 110 billion riyals investment of private sector and employment of 35 people are being opened. During this time, a commercial complex with investment of 500 billion riyals of private sector and direct employment for 250 people, an car service center with investment of 30 billion riyals, and employment for 20 people, commercial, handicraft, hotel and tourist center with an investment of 110 billion riyals and employment for 58 people is being exploited.

Exploitation of 13 rural development projects with an investment about 109 billion in 13 villages in the region, executive operation of the two schools with six and three classes in two villages of the region with investment of 34 billion riyals Riyals from organization revenue will be opened during Mubarak's Decade of Fajr said Dr. Reza Masrour.

Executive operation of residential, tourism and Services complexes with 115 million Euros investment by the foreign investor in trade section of Anzali free zone with employment of 3000 people, and also construction of three commercial, cultural, service and classical parking complexes with cost of 3300 billion riyals of the private sector investment and employment of  1320 people.

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