November 22, 2019
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
The fifth and sixth commercial ships arrived Caspian Port Complex via China – Kazakhstan - Iran Corridor


In direction to operation of China - Kazakhstan- Iran corridor, two commercial ships carrying goods from this international corridor route unloaded their cargo at the Caspian port complex, reported public relation and international affairs of Anzali free zone.

According to the report, new commercial shipments carrying by ships of Diba and Nazmehar berthed in Caspian port complex; It was transported by the International Shipping Company from Wuhan, China to Caspian Port complex of Anzali Free Zone which will be transit to Aras.

It is worth mentioning that both commercial consignments were transported from Wuhan, China, carrying parts of Amiko Company belonging to Samand Rail Co carrying by Diba and Nazmehar Ship entered to Anzali Free Zone, and will be transported to the final destination of the automotive parts manufacturing unit in Aras.

It should be noted that this corridor starts from China and reaches through the China-Kazakhstan railway line to the Oktau port of this country, and after passing via Caspian Sea route reach to Caspian port complex, after operation of this corridor it is possible to transport 10 million tons of goods, main advantage of this corridor is to reduce the distance, time and cost of shipping goods over the existing route through the Yellow Sea, the Indian Ocean and Bandar Abbas in southern Iran.

Accordingly, multi-billion dollar investment of china to activate new Silk Road routes, and country's new international status, role of this corridor in developing country's trade and transit of goods from Anzali Free Zone to neighboring countries will increase day by day.

 It should be mention that transfer of goods through new corridor of China and Iran is one of the most important parts of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Free Zone of Anzali and the China Economic and Investment Cooperation Association  and agreements with the head of China Chamber of Commerce for the private sector and managers of the ports and railways of Kazakhstan, Several years of specialized meetings have been held


It is worth mentioning that the China Transit route (Urom Chi), Kazakhstan (Port of Aktau), Iran (Caspian Sea) to create new hybrid routes between Iran and China by focusing on the Anzali Free Zone, increasing cargo transit capacity in the Caspian Sea has been officially launched since July with presence of the first vice-deputy of  president and national and provincial officials and heads of Chinese Chamber of Commerce with berthing of the first commercial ship  in Caspian port complex, this February first commercial shipment from the Ningbo Grand Harbor in the east of China entered to port of Caspian through corridor, with the arrival of four merchant ships in the last month process of the corridor's activity continues.

by top officials and authorities of the Chinese and Kazakhestan to activate this important transit corridor.

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