July 21, 2019
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Anzali Free Zone can become one of economic hub of the country 2018/07/03
Anzali Free Zone can become one of economic hub of the country

Mr. Jahangiri at the opening ceremony of infrastructure, tourism and industrial projects in Anzali Free Zone emphasized that new corridor of China- Kazakhstan- Iran launches a suitable route to Europe from the Caspian Port Complex and this region can become one of economic and commercial hub of country.

Jahangiri, emphasizing that the province of Gilan is a multi-dimensional province and cannot concentrate in one section stated: the green and beautiful province of Gilan is moving on developing path at a favorable speed and Anzali Free Zone is one of the most important centers of development of the province.

The first vice president said that Guilan province has manpower, elite and well-known figures and unique tourism infrastructures that is considered as an opportunity for development. Aquarium is very attractive that opened today are one of the projects should be in line with the natural orientations of Gilan so that be able to provide more opportunity for visiting and staying   of domestic and foreign tourists in Gilan province.

He pointed out that the Anzali Free Zone should become one of the country's trade centers with regard to presence of many countries in our neighborhood; this opportunity should be used for economic development of the country and increase in volume of trade, exports, imports and transit of the country and other ports of the country like this port should use this opportunity to create favorable conditions for the development of transit and transportation of the country.

Dr. Jahangiri, emphasizing that Anzali Free Zone specially Caspian port complex could have lion share at the country's future trade and increasing of transaction of commercial goods. Anzali Free Zone should be developed and with presence and efforts of Dr. Masrour, as an energetic and diligent director is on development path. We cannot forget the role of the Caspian port, the corridors and the Silk Road route which has been very valuable in history, but Caspian port complex is an opportunity to increase trade relations with the Caspian littoral states and new Corridor of China- Kazakhstan- Iran launches new route from China to Europe based on Caspian port complex that is valuable work and the necessary corridors should be launched nationwide so that the ports of Iran become center of trade with global markets.

At the end, he pointed out that free zones have a major role in the national economy and they should be able to establish export industries, employment in the country and attract foreign capital. These areas are exempt from some of the country's laws and regulations and this is an important factor for attracting foreign and domestic investment and more production.

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