October 20, 2019
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 Dr. Masrour announced government week plans of the Anzali Free Zone 2018/08/28
Dr. Masrour announced government week plans of the Anzali Free Zone

87 Manufacturing, investment, cultural, tourism and rural development projects with 6700 billion riyals fund invested by private sector and Anzali free zone organization with employment of 2783 people will be open for the government week in this region, Dr. Reza Masrour, chairman of the board of directors and managing director of this organization announced.

The chairman of the board of directors and managing director of the organization said that at the government week this year, five manufacturing-industrial projects will be exploited by the private sector in this region. These projects have been developed in the field of clothing and cosmetic products, with a total investment of 107 billion Rials and direct employment opportunities for 253 people.

The number of non-industrial and service projects that opened this week by private sector will be 16 project, that. 13 projects that start operating in the areas are on hotel, recreation center, service, tourism and silos, fuel tanks and oil, with an investment volume of over 1,900 billion Rials and employment of 980.

He stated that three non-industrial projects in the fields of commercial, service, cultural and classical parking complexes will start their executive operations at the government's week of this year with an investment of 4,500 billion rials, which will create jobs for 1550 people.

Dr. Masrour, referred on the tourism project that was built with the foreign investor is being exploited this week, Amusement park constructed by foreign investor with investment of € 5 million and direct job for 25 persons this week.

The head of the board of directors of the organization announced the number of residential, cultural and rural projects is 65 projects with total investment of 120 billion riyals by his respective organization.

7 projects in the accommodation, sports facilities, home care, and renovation of the mosque and with total 14 billion riyals investment by organization will be opened and ready to serve the public.

There are 65 rural development projects of organization in the areas of culture, social, health and sports, which will be opened by Anzali Free Zone Organization during government week with 105 billion riyals budgets from revenue of this organization.

The launch of two electronic systems in the Anzali Free Zone Electronic Services, Electronic service desk and automatic passenger card issuing system in the commercial complexes are two electronic systems in order to facilitate and expedite the organization's service process to customers and investors will be open on the occasion of the government week and will be officially inaugurated


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