July 21, 2019
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A new route for trade between Iran and China has been launched 2018/08/29
A new route for trade between Iran and China has been launched

He referred to the capacities of this new route for the transit of China's goods to the countries of the region, like Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Europe stated with regard to the Chinese government's approach to reducing its 85 percent dependence on the Suez Canal transit route for the exchange of goods with Europe, a new corridor can continue to the borders of Iran and Turkey for the transit of goods to Europe as a new route for trade between China and Europe.

Dr. Masrur pointed out the development plan of the Caspian and Anzali ports to the national railway line of the country, As a result, Anzali Free Zone and the country will be exchange center of the countries with China and region and will increase the country's foreign exchange earnings, creation of appropriate business space in the area is the output of the Urumqi-aktau- Anzali corridor. Using the potential of the Caspian port in the Caspian Sea will increase the country's export capacity in particular transit traffic.

Dr. Masrour said that the new corridor between Iran and China is backed up by baccalaureate studies and the recent multi-year follow-up of the organization in the international and national level.which is operational today stated that due to the long history of Anzali transit route to Europe and with the start of the corridor it is possible to transport 10 million tons of goods from Anzali Free Zone. The main advantage of this corridor is shorter in distance rather that to the current cargo route of the Yellow Sea, the Indian Ocean and the southern ports of Iran. This will reduce the time from 30 days in the current route to 12 days via new corridor and reduce transit costs between China and Iran. These advantages in the international business are significant.

The chairman of the board of directors and managing director of Anzali Free Zone Organization explained about the activities of his organization in order to set up and consolidate the position of the new trading corridor. Consultations with Iranian ambassadors in the countries of China, Kazakhstan and ambassadors of the above countries in Iran and travelling to the corridor pathway countries and the signing of a memorandum of cooperation with the Aktau Special Economic Zone and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Negotiating with investors and government officials from China and Kazakhstan with the aim of introducing the benefits of the corridor to both sides and also, formation of a tripartite consortium with the participation of the Chinese company, the shipping company of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Anzali Free Zone for the carriage of goods through this trade route is part of the organization's actions. In addition to the presence and support of high ranking officials of the country from the role of Urumqi –Aktau- Anzali can play a role in strengthening the transit status of the country. Other programs of the organization are aimed at facilitating and expediting the course for the business of businessmen.


Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Anzali Free Zone Organization in exclusive interview with Iranian Student News Agency (ISNA) explained New Commercial Corridor advantages between Urumchi - China Aktau- KazakhstanAnzali free zone which was opened by pursuing his organization for export and import between Iran and China.


He referred to the Chinese government's strategic plans for implementing an international plan as “A belt-A road" in order to reduce its reliance on the existing route from the Suez Canal, they are looking for new transit routes between the country and Europe. This combined transit route was launched this August with the presence of Dr. Jahangiri, the first deputy of the president, our country's officials, Chinese businessmen officially by Arrival of the first commercial shipment of this route at the Caspian port complex with the aim of creating new and hybrid routes and in order to increase the cargo capacity in the Caspian Sea, Starting at the center of Urumqi in western China, it crosses the China-Kazakhstan railway line and Khorgues Special Economic Zone on the border between the two countries to Aktau in Kazakhstan and connects to Anzali Free Zone via the Caspian Sea.

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