May 26, 2019
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Expansion of economic relations, signing a memorandum of cooperation and the growth of trade exchanges from the China-Kazakhstan- Anzali Free Zone Corridor 2018/11/11
Expansion of economic relations, signing a memorandum of cooperation and the growth of trade exchanges from the China-Kazakhstan- Anzali Free Zone Corridor

During the trip of Dr. Reza Masrour and accompanying staff to China a memorandum of understanding was signed between Anzali Free zone Organization and the Economic Cooperation and Investment Association of China. Chairman of the board of directors and managing director of the organization in order to expand trade, ties, relations and facilitate investment and introduction of the new corridor of China - Kazakhstan - Iran (Anzali Free Zone)visited From Free Trade Development Zones and Railway Special Development Zone in Urumqi of China, Beijing Free Trade Zone and attended in special meetings with Chinese International Chamber of Commerce, Economic and Investment Cooperation Association, Beijing Free Trade Zone directors and China's private sector economic directors.


Signing a memorandum of Understanding between Anzali Free Zone Organization and the China Economic and Investment Cooperation Association

During this visit, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Anzali Free Zone Organization and the China Economic and Investment Cooperation Association, the agreement was signed by both parties to strengthen bilateral relations and trade relations, expand the direct investment and financing of Iranian projects by Chinese companies and promote bilateral trade and bilateral economic cooperation between Iran and China.

The agreement was signed with the presence of Dr. Reza Mesrour, chairman of the board of directors and managing director of Anzali Free Zone Organization, Dr. Hasan Tavana, Chancellor of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce  in China, Chiao Rong Fu, Executive deputy of the China-European  industrial Investment Committee, Ali Khatibi, Deputy of  Caspian Port complex of Anzali Free Zone Organization, Zhang Jinh Ho Director of China Silk Markets Business Management Committee, Lee  Ro Zhong, Director of the Chinese Businessmen's Office of Hebei Jin Province, Shoshan Vice-chairman of the China-European Industry Investment Committee, Lu Zi Ping, Deputy of the Trade Development Office at the Silk Market Management Committee in Beijing capital of China.

Xiao Rong Fu, responsible for China's Economic Cooperation and Investment Association in signing ceremony said one goal of this committee is to study  China and Iran's business plans, and efforts made by its association in pursuit of mutually beneficial cooperation and interests in achieving a mutually beneficial and friendly business environment, China and Iran are large and historic nations and strengthen friendly relations, business between the two countries and direct investment with bilateral trade and our economic cooperation will be possible in the Chinese capital, Beijing, and the Anzali Free Zone organization.

Accordingly, it was ageed that a group of businessmen active in Iran-China trade would travel to the Anzali Free Zone to expand trade and transaction via Iran-China-Kazakhstan corridor.


Visit from Special Development Zone of the Urumqi and the introduction of China-Kazakhstan-Iran corridor capacities

Visiting from the Special Development Zone of Urumqi and hold a meeting with senior regional managers and introducing Anzali Free Zone Organization and Caspian port complex, as well as assessing the needs for the development and strengthening of the exchange of goods from the corridor of China - Kazakhstan-Iran (via Caspian port complex) with regard to the special role of the Special Rail Area of Urumqi in this corridor was among of program for the presence of Dr. Marour in China. Visiting from free trade zone of Urumqi, which was built with the full investment of the state in order to create the necessary infrastructure for attracting investors and activists in the field of industry and trade that has recently been put into operation, and also holding meeting with the managers of the area and introducing transit and infrastructure capabilities of Anzali Free Zone were among second day program of Dr.Masrour to China.


Development of Economic Cooperation and International Interactions with the Free Development Zone of Beijing BDA

It should be noted that one of the most important programs of the organization's managers on this visit was visiting to Beijing's Free Development Zone (BDA), The area was built in an area of 60 square kilometers with the aim of attracting the most prominent industrial, technological and Hi-Tech companies and leading automotive brands and other global companies. According to Bijing Free Zone Director, this is the first visit of Iranian authorities from this area, Also while expressing his surprise and influence of progress in the Anzali Free Zone. He welcomed Dr. Masroor's invitation for visiting from Anzali Free Zon and it was offered that by signing the Memorandum of Understanding Anzali Free Zone will accept  membership of Free Zone Committee of the Regions formed by the Beijing Free Trade Area. It was agreed that this memorandum will be officially exchanged as soon as possible and the Anzali Free Zone Organization will be member of this committee.


A study on the ways to expand trade between the two countries' private sectors in a meeting with the Chancellor of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Meeting with head and Staff of International Chamber of Commerce of China for the private sector at their office and discussion and review of solutions for increasing cooperation between Chinese business and private sector companies with Anzali Free Zone organization and exchange of goods between Iran and China through the China-Kazakhstan-Iran corridor was achievement in this trip.  At the meeting was decided that in the near future managing director and other managers of the China International Chamber of Commerce along with a group of international businessmen and Chinese private companies would have a travel to Anzali Free Zone for visiting from the infrastructure and capabilities of the region in order to expand bilateral cooperation.

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