August 18, 2019
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Arrival  of first commercial cargo from Ningbo Port of China to Caspian Port of Anzali Free Zone 2019/01/21
Arrival of first commercial cargo from Ningbo Port of China to Caspian Port of Anzali Free Zone

By  berthing of Diba's ship in the Caspian port complex by presence of Gilan Governor, Legal and Parliamentary Deputy of the Supreme Council of the Free Zones, members of parlement, national and provincial officials and economic activists, the first commercial shipment from Ningbo Port in eastern China entered Free Zone of Anzali.


On the sidelines of this ceremony, Mr. Masrour pointed out to efforts has been done in past three years by his management team to launch this new commercial route, The significance of new corridor between two countries of Iran and China will be doubled when we consider the great design of China as "a road a belt" This means that this commercial corridor will play  as an alternative route between China and Europe.


Dr. Reza Mesroor said that during past three years we had several negotiations with public and private sector officials of China and Kazakhstan about this commercial corridor called as detour route.

By berthing first shipment from the eastern point of China on via china-Kazakhstan-Iran corridor will provide good opportunity to transit goods through this route to Europe and countries of the region so this route  play important role as part of great plan of the Chinese.


This cargo contains parts for bicycles, industrial engines, wallpapers, car luggage and more, It was transferred from Ningbo Port by China’s railway to the Khorgos area on the border with Kazakhstan, Then, through railway of Kazakhstan entered the port of Aktau and through this port shipped to Caspian port.


Managing director of the organization by emphasizing that importance of rail connection to Anzali and Caspian ports has increased significantly called for an acceleration in this issue in order to significantly increase the country's foreign exchange revenues, economic activists must pay attention that time and cost are less compared to current route between the two countries.


The advantage of new Iran-China corridor which has opened after several years of follow-up by Anzali Free Zone Organization is very important in expanding bilateral trade and developing trade in Caspian Sea and in comparison to current routes of Yellow Sea, Indian Ocean and Bandar Abbas in the south it reduce time and cost this is one of the most important features of this corridor, in regard to that Anzali Free Zone is the closest free zone to the capital imported goods are distributed in the capital in the shortest possible time.


New China-Kazakhstan-Iran transit route is a combination routes between Iran and China by focusing on Anzali Free Zone in order to increase transit capacity of Caspian Sea and with operation of the corridor 10 million tons of goods can be transported.


It should be noted that Ningbo is a city in the northeast of Jiangmen Province of China, 25 kilometers east of China and is considered as a most important industrial and commercial ports of country from seventh century to the present time. It is considered a small example of Shanghai in the Chinese economy, and Ningbo port ranked second in the world in terms of its operational capability in delivering commercial shipments. For this reason transferring of cargo from the eastern point of China as a fully developed region, For this reason transfer of cargo from the eastern point of China as a fully developed region in this direction could be effective in creating new combined route between Iran and China by centralization of Anzali Free Zone, increasing the transportation capacity of the Caspian Sea.

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