August 5, 2020
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Iran; transit route of Kazakhstani goods to Turkey 2019/07/21
Iran; transit route of Kazakhstani goods to Turkey
 Managing Director of Anzali Free Zone In an interview with Anatoly, the director of the Anzali Free Zone of Iran announced
that Transit of goods from Kazakhstan to Turkey and vice versa will begin through the Caspian port complex of Anzali free zone in Gilan province of Iran. 

He added that Turkey and Kazakhstan have also came to agreement to use this path for transit of goods.

He pointed out about the importance of replacing Iran's route, Kazakhstan could transit through the Republic of Azerbaijan and Georgia, but Iran's route is cost-effective because it only crosses one country. The Caspian is one of the most important ports of the Caspian Sea, and by connecting railway it can play an important role in the north-south corridor. Caspian port complex has 22 berths and has a capacity of 15 million tons per year.

Turkish businessmen have made a great investment in the Anzali Free Zone of Iran by pointing out to construction of the largest aquarium in Iran by Turkish experts. The aquarium park complex was built with the investment of the Turkish company as one of the successful companies in the field of amusement park construction.

Investing 30 million Euros of Turkish investment to build a two-story complex in 10,000 square meters, along with an aquarium tunnel, city of bowling, restaurant has been able to attract many tourists to the area. Last year, 500,000 people visited from Anzali free zone.

We welcome to foreign investors especially Turks. Several projects in the field of infrastructure and tourism have been requested by them. We welcome them more than ever because they are friends, brothers and neighbors.

 Mr. Masrour pointed out to incentives that Anzali free zone has taken for foreign investors such as   unified management as the most important thing for investors and 20-year tax exemption and 80 million market of Iran.

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