August 11, 2020
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Emphasis on speeding up construction of Ro-Ro berth of Caspian Port complex 2019/10/16
Emphasis on speeding up construction of Ro-Ro berth of Caspian Port complex

Dr. Reza Masrour, head of Anzali free zone organization visited from under construction Ro-Ro berth in the Caspian port complex which is done by Khatam al-Ambia company, reported public relations and international affairs.


During this visit which was attended by the deputies and managers of the organization, managers of the Khatam al-Anbiya company presented a report on project construction process.

 Head of organization emphasized on role of Ro-Ro berth that can play on facilitating and accelerating process of unloading and loading goods at Caspian Port Complex. He emphasized on accelerating construction of berth by expressing that due to good cooperation between organization and khatam al-Anbia, and existing operational capability, this important port-transit project has a positive impact on international transportation of our country that hope to be operational by the end of next year


Interesting part of this visit was simultaneous berthing of 23rd ship from China, Kazakhstan, Iran corridor which transported cargo containers containing goods and raw materials for country's production units and companies.


It should be noted that according to an agreement was signed this September between Anzali Free Zone Organization and headquarters of Khatam al-Anbia, construction operation of Ro-Ro berth and its backyard will be done in Caspian Port Complex within two years.

A berth with 90 meters length, 2 meters ramp which will have 7.6 hectares backyard.

It is worth noting that the ships are designed to carry cars and cargo that can be transported by car, ship with movable bridges enables to enter and exit of motor vehicles into ship, Facilities that reduce shipping time and costs along with increasing transit safety of goods.

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