August 11, 2020
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
The arrival of forty commercial ships at Caspian Port Complex at first six months of this year

Arrival of forty commercial ships to Caspian Port Complex in the first half of the year is part of diversification in the absorption of goods, supply of basic commodities and raw materials, increase in the volume of trade in goods and exports to the Caspian states is the basic approaches of the Anzali Free Zone Organization in the field of port and transit, said Amin Ofoghi, deputy of port affaires of Anzali free zone organization.

At the first six months of this year, Caspian Port Complex has witnessed an increase of ship berthing,  loading and  loading operations at Caspian Port berth. From April to end of this September , 40 ship carring  General Cargo and tanker including basic commodities and raw materials and also exported goods to Caspian sea countries, were loaded and unloaded in this port while it was 20 ships last year.


Member of the Board of Directors and Deputy of the Port and Caspian affairs pointing out that so far 64 commercial ships have been loaded and unloaded at this port. In the first half of this year a variety of commodities such as wheat, corn, barley, wood, livestock, building materials and minerals, edible oils, machinery, tires and auto parts and  raw materials of sanitary and hygienic has been loaded and unloaded in this port.


Deputy of Port Affaires explained reasons for the growing trend of transit of goods through Caspian Port Complex such as Increased transit of goods through corridor of China- Kazakhstan-Iran, boosting trade exchanges with Caspian Sea ports, Creating competitive advantages in the Caspian Port Complex and marketing development plans implemented by this organization along with the region's proximity to domestic consumption markets such as Tehran and welcoming Iranian businessmen and merchants from largest port of country in Caspian sea.

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