September 30, 2020
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Establishing joint Russian-Iranian Company for marketing and building new ships

During trip of high-ranking delegation of this organization to Russia's Astrakhan, Dr. Mohammad vali Roozbehan, Chairman of the Board of directors and Managing Director of the organization and accompanying delegation visited from important port of Salianka and its shipyards. They discussed ways of cooperation for taking advantages of Iranian investors and businessmen from existing port and production capacities.

During visit from Port of Salianka, as the largest port complex of Astrakhan, Dr. Roozbehan at a special meeting with the Caspian Sea Shipping Manager in Astrakhan as the main shareholder of this port and Russian managers of this port discussed about expansion of cooperation and transit of goods to the Russian market. During this meeting, port's logistics, warehousing, and capacities were introduced to Chairman of the Board of directors and the Managing Director of this Organization. It was agreed that a special work group to be established between Caspian port complex and Salianka Port for further cooperation.

Reportedly during visit from the largest active shipyard in Astrakhanm, mangers of these companies introduced their capabilities in field of design and construction of commercial ships. And expressed their readiness to provide services and facilities for the construction and modernization of the naval fleet to Iranian businessmen in Caspian region.

 At the meeting, anzali free zone organization director pointed to the existence of high shipbuilding capacities in astrakhan, calls for conditions of attendance and benefits of Iranian maritime and commercial shipping activists to take advantage of this opportunity, by launching a unique and modern tourist ship that will have five star hotel facilities, and according to a memorandum of understanding between two countries, construction of this ship is in  final stages in Astrakhan, next year we will see operational maritime tourism plan on the Caspian Sea ports, On the other hand, due to construction of Ro-Ro ship, bases will be provided for  development of economic and  tourism cooperation based on Caspian Sea capacity between Anzali Free Zone and Astrakhan.


He called for expanding actives of private sector in Caspian port complex with shipping companies in Astrakhan, It emphasized on taking advantages of two sides to use each other's capacities to expand cooperation in various sectors of the shipbuilding industry.

Based on the negotiations, it was decided to take into account growing needs of the Iranian shipping industry in the Caspian Sea, Iranian side should submit demands of the private and public sector investors of our country to the Russian side in order to define new field of bilateral cooperation based on the capacity of the maritime industry.

On the other hand, the parties agreed on joint venture for establishing company in Anzali and Astrakhan in field of marketing, design, construction and maintenance of the ship. This will be a matter of great importance for the modernization of Iranian merchant ships in the Caspian Sea, especially for private sector of our country.

Astrakhan with 6 large and small shipbuilding complexes for carrying passenger, dry cargo, oil tanker and crane ships weighing more than 6,000 tons were one of the most important ship design and construction sites in Russia Which is unique in its kind in the Caspian Sea, so that it is possible to build 6 to 8 ships at the same time, It also has the capability to design and build oil platforms in the Caspian Sea.

This visit attended by members of the Board of Directors, deputy of the Port and Caspian Sea, Technical Deputy, consoler of  director in Caspian Sea affairs and  director of the Lotus Special Economic Zone and the managers of the Salinka Port and Astrakhan Port Shipyard.


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