August 11, 2020
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Dr.Roozbahan outlined the most important priorities of his organization.

Increasing capacity of available industrial units, activating inactive and stagnant production units, expanding production capacity, creation of a new industrial state will be the most important priorities of this working group.

Working group was established by Dr.Roozbahan for increasing of production, facilitation and removal of barriers of production in the region in direction to supportive and encouraging policies of the Organization for enhancement of export in the region, increase production capacity of active units at the regional level, construction new industrial units and activating stagnant units.

In this workgroup relevant deputies and managers, outside associated organizations related to the region's manufacturing and industrial units, Private sector representatives, consultants, and industry experts will be present as members. Director of Anzali Free Zone Organization outlined  main focus of this working group, developing production capacity of active industrial units at the region is a top priority of which can be done  by adding new production lines, development of factory space and other  required mechanisms to achieve these goals are on the agenda.


He pointed that activation of few inactive and stagnant factories is second priority of this working group. Successful pattern that has been running by this organization for several years, according to this policy many of stagnant units have been activated so it needs to be pursued more vigorously to approach zero.


For each unit separate program is designed to return to production cycle including banking problems, mismanagement, change in manufacturing technology, or administrative bureaucracy that have caused recession for these units so that appropriate solutions should be done to reactivating these inactive industrial units, said Mr. Roozbahan.

 Establishing new industrial state is third priority of this working group in order to increase production capacities by accelerating foundation process of industrial state no 3.


In this meeting design adviser of presented his study plan for construction of industrial state no 3, then Director General emphasized on establishment of customs and completion of necessary infrastructures, it was agreed that final study plan will be submit for approval to this working group.

According to approval of the working group on promotion, facilitation and removal of barriers to Anzali free zone production units, expansion of industrial capacity of industrial state no 2 in order to attract -industrial investors was in agenda and also Mr. Roozbahan emphasizedon maximum utilization of operating banks facilitate for increasing industrial unites productive capacity.

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