June 3, 2020
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
330% growth in number of ships entering to Caspian port complex with the arrival of the 150th ship to this port

 One of the largest ship carrying grain has entered to this port, it carries more than 5300 tons of grain, It is the 150th ship that has ever berthed to Caspian Port complex, one of the largest shipments of grain imported through Caspian Sea to northern ports of our country so unloading process has begun in the Caspian port complex, said Amin Ofoghi, member of the board of directors and deputy of port and Sea Caspian.

numbered of ships entered this port in the first month of this year has increased by 330% compared to same period last year, from beginning of this year, despite the restrictions, 13 ships with more than 37,000 tons of necessaries goods such as edible oil, corn, barley and soybeans and raw materials of production units have been unloaded and loaded in this port, in the same time last year this number was 3 ships with 10,000 ton totally.

he stated that in port of Anzali, which is located within area of this region so that volume of unloading and loading of goods has exceeded 90,000 tons during first 20 days of this year. It is important to note that most of goods imported by this port was basic goods compared to the amount of unloaded and loaded cargo in Anzali port in the same period last year it has increased by 66%.


He referred to non-oil exports through Anzali port by stating that our performance on non-oil exports in Anzali port during one month of this year has grown significantly and shows 348 percent growth compared to same period last year.


Mr. Ofoghi stated that by observing health protocols, Caspian port has been one of the most active northern ports in providing basic goods for country in conditions of Corona. The speed of loading and unloading of goods in this port has caused many jobs and economic enterprises in the first month of this year 1200 trucks has carried imported goods for the consumption of their compatriots all over the country which confirms importance and irreplaceable role of this port in providing country's basic goods.

Creating value and creating competitive advantages, Short path, deep draft and wide backyard, reducing transportation costs, accelerating and facilitating services to businessmen, legal incentives provided by the organization, including the development of infrastructure and proximity to Tehran and country's production and population centers as the main reasons for welcoming of Caspian port complex by merchants.

completing and developing port infrastructures, connecting the national railway to the Caspian port complex, and constructing of "Ro Ro" duck, attraction of private sector investment in the field of construction of piers and backyard and growth of trade through international corridors passing through this region is one of the goals and strategic plans of the Anzali Free Zone Organization for this port, and with regard to capacity of trade with Eurasian Union member states and legal advantages of the Anzali Free Zone as the only free zone in the north of the country  so that in the future,  this port complex will become a center of transit of strategic goods with the member states of this union.

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