June 3, 2020
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Foreign investment license was issued for three production units of Anzali Free Zone

Foreign investment guarantee license issued by Investment and Economic and Technical Assistance Organization for three production units of Anzali Free Zone, these production units have received warranty permits to attract new investors and increase foreign investment; said Mr. Roozbehan, Managing Directors of Anzali Free Zone.

This three production units in this region are active in production of printing cylinders, car Diag device and production of rescue vehicles so by having foreign investment guarantee licensed It is possible to increase volume of capital required to produce new products, expand production capacity and use new technology to complete production line for the above three production units.


He stated that common feature of this three production units is attracting foreign partners and investments, transferring new knowledge and technology, to be export-oriented and meeting domestic needs. Anzali Free Zone Organization in order to implement its support and incentive packages for production-export investors in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Finance has issued an investment guarantee license for these three companies which have increased volume of foreign capital to $ 20 million.

Cooperation of Anzali free zone with Ministry of Economy and Finance will lead to Inter-institutional cooperation in order to better implement of investment regulations in free zones and support of foreign investors to motivate for expansion of their activities, development of investment projects and attraction of new investors. In regard to advantages and exemptions of free zones unique features of Anzali Free Zone in field of our country's relations with the Eurasian Economic Union and international corridors will cause that such collaborations will lead to achievements such as attracting more foreign investors, increasing production and job creation and consequently implementing a production leap strategy.

Foreign Investment Guarantee License have some advantages such as invested projects are subject to a guarantee of compensation if to be considered as international project and not to be expropriated, Ensuring compensation for damages resulting from prohibition or cessation of the implementation of financial agreements in foreign investments through contractual arrangements as result of enactment of law, guaranteeing for purchasing of goods and services produced by Foreign Investment Plan if government agency be monopoly buyer goods and services at computer price.


Foreign Investment Guarantee License will cause these three company enjoy some advantages

Such as salary , equal support and facilities with domestic investment, free transfer of capital and interest of investing in the country in form of currency or goods, providing facilities as well as providing a three-year residence visa in Iran for foreign investors ,capital and benefits from investing in the country in the form of currency or goods and providing facilities, as well as the provision of visas for three years of residence in Iran for foreign investors, Managers, experts and their close relatives will be able to extend, on the other hand, based on this license possibility of referring investment disputes to international authorities and choosing method of investment in project as  foreign direct investment (FDI), or contractual arrangements such as BoT, by-back and civil partnership methods are also provided by the investor.


It is worth mentioning that according to law on encouraging and supporting foreign investments in our country foreign investors can obtain part of their capital from domestic and foreign sources as loans and enjoy benefits such as tax exemptions as much as tax exemptions in free zones.

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