July 29, 2021
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
The total export and re-export of Anzali Free Zone was four times more than import in last year

Vahid Talebpour, member of the board of directors and economic and investment deputy of the organization stated that according to statistics of customs office and order registration system of Anzali Free Zone Organization total export and re-export of this region was over 150 million dollars last year, this amount is four times more than $ 37 million of imports in last year.


he stated that the most part of import includes of raw materials required by industries and production units located in the region, all of them are used for production and after creating added value and producing final product, part of it is also exported or sold in the region, other part enters to  country by observing  rules of value added and by paying duties and value added tax, another part of import is related to domestic and foreign investment projects in the region, last year, several foreign investment projects  has been done in region's industrial estates and  in Anzali and Caspian ports so they have been  succeeded in importing capital from abroad in form of equipment, materials and parts of their investment projects.


The economic and investment deputy of the organization pointed out that other part of import is being done by businessmen of Anzali Free Zone include import of passenger goods and cars by license plates of Anzali free zone, these two sectors in line with policies of government and foreign exchange management and after registration orders for imports in free zones have been declining drastically since early 2018 so that no new cars have been imported in past year, and also amount of imports of passenger goods in this region despite allocation of a $ 56 million quota by the Supreme Council of Free Zones, was less than $ 12 million in last year. In line with policies of the resistance economy many importers in this region have become producers and their products is being sold in markets and commercial complexes of this region along with foreign, domestic and Iranian goods in an acceptable competition.


Mr. Talebpoor stated that in fact with efforts of economic activists and producers region's trade balance was assessed positively last year with a significant difference between imports and exports of $ 110 million.


He pointed out to statistics of imports and exports of this region as follows, since two ports of Anzali and Caspian and two customs are located within this region, goods usually import and export via these two ports . However, these imports or exports are related to country and its statistics are not related to region's trade balance.

Regarding to import from region to country according to policy and strategy of organization stated that our approach is to provide country's basic and essential goods so that during 2019 one million tons of basic goods and raw materials of factories have been imported for needs of the country through Anzali and Caspian ports and customs of Bandar Anzali and Golshan, these goods included oil, soybeans, wheat, livestock grains, wood and some equipment needed for oil facilities, live cattle, textiles, auto parts, motorcycles and bicycles, and so on.


he stated that these goods imports directly through Ministry of industry, mine and trade and after banking process in Central Bank without any intervention of Anzali free zone directly import through this region is being entered to country, these goods are not consumed in the region at all, In contrast, domestic goods and products are exported to other countries, including Eurasia, through ports and customs located in the region, this process not only brings prosperity for northern ports and activation of international corridors and job creation, this procedure also follows mission of the Anzali Free Zone Organization in meeting country's needs from abroad.

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