July 29, 2021
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
The second exchange office was opened in Anzali Free Zone

The second exchange office of Anzali Free Zone was put into operation with investment of private sector in order to speed up process of providing services to traders and businessmen.


Completion of trade and commerce circles and development of providing services to economic activists in this region is one of the main goals of this organization. Karcheh Exchange has started its activities with private sector investment in Venus Commercial Complex, and it is hoped that with activity of this exchange office and  mutual cooperation of economic activists, required circles for effective and desirable economic activity in the region will be completed as much as possible. By increasing absorption of liquidity by banks in the region, more suitable facilities for industrial owners, investors of economic activists in the region and province will be provided.


Javad Kashli by expressing capabilities and facilties of authorized exchange offices in the region, announced full readiness of these exchange offices to provide services and facilities in field of currency transfer. Electronic and instantaneous notification of valid exchange rates to economic actors and traders in the region, providing offline services, Providing competitive prices for exchange rate and speeding up and facilitating foreign exchange operations through foreign brokers is part of the capacity created in regional exchanges, volume of investment of Karsheh Exchange in the country has been 30 billion Rials and the amount of foreign investment of this company has been more than 150 billion Rials, and due to activities of the company's brokerage offices in Oman, Malaysia, UAE, Turkey and Hong Kong, speed of currency exchange for traders has increased.


Carrying out all foreign exchange affairs in the form of banknotes, Carrying out all foreign exchange outcomes, performing all Nimai activities, receiving and paying all digital currencies and performing Western Union concessions has been one of the most important activities of this exchange. according to law on how to manage free zones of the country, establishment of  exchange offices within free zones is done with request of applicant and its proposal and introduction by the Free Zone Organization to the Central Bank, in order to obtain legal licenses and deposit sufficient guarantees, it will be possible to issue an activity license from this organization.


It is worth mentioning that in opening ceremony of exchange office were attended by the deputies and managers of organization, managers of the bank branches and economic activists of private sector of the region.

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