May 19, 2021
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Actions and plans taken by Anzali free zone to activate Nostrac corridor 2020/07/16
Actions and plans taken by Anzali free zone to activate Nostrac corridor

The first video conference of international working group for Development of North-South Corridor was held with participation of representatives from public and private sectors of Iran, Russia, India, Germany, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan.

Dr. Mohammad Vali Rouzbehan, Chairman of the board of directors and managing director of Anzali Free Zone Organization in video conference by referring to approval of document for development of economic and trade ties by the Government of Iran, announces its organization's readiness to facilitate trade and logistics cooperation with neighboring countries, in field of logistics infrastructure development of Caspian port complex as the first deep port of Iran in the Caspian Sea with 6 to 9 meters draft, with 150,000 tons Grain silos , 100,000 tons dry warehouse, 120,000 tons edible oil tanks, 40 hectares of open warehouse and fuel tanks a transit line for refrigerated containers.


he stated that the construction of a wharf for trucks and rail cars has been started and also construction of the first covered wharf is also on the agenda, in terms of completing infrastructure of railway sector, connection of this region to the national railway line will be completed by the summer of next year, however, it is now possible combined transportation from two ports of Caspian and Anzali to the first railway station with a distance of 15 km.

 Mr. Rouzbahan by addressing to  members of the International Working Group for the Development of the North-South Corridor pointed out to agreement of  Iranian Railways to grant a special discount of 20 to 50 percent for container freight on Caspian Sea ports and southern ports, On the other hand, we declare our readiness to provide facilities in form of reduction of port tariffs for all kinds of goods and THC passing through Caspian port.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Anzali Free Zone Organization stated that in order to modernize Caspian Sea shipping fleet, two ships are being built in Lotus Astrakhan Shipbuilding Company, and also  proposed transfer of warehouse of dry goods and grains and open warehouse to logistics partners of neighboring countries and present in this conversation, the highest officials of our country's transportation sector are ready to reduce tariffs for goods passing through the north and south corridors, and launching shipping line between Caspian port and the Aktau and  other ports in Russia, Republic of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan can be put on the joint agenda.

 He also emphasizing on role and importance of the North-South corridor in reducing cost and time of goods transit between Asia and Europe; and  announced readiness of its respective organization to hold first face-to-face meeting of the working group members hosted by Anzali Free Zone.

According to  report of working group in order to follow agreements made among the members  of the North-South corridor about container transportation and implement of agreement regarding to establishing of International Transport Corridor Coordination and Development Working Group was held at invitation of the Lotus Astrakhan Special Economic Zone.

In this working group, Abdul Rahim Kurdi, Chairman of the board of Directors of Chabahar Free Zone Organization; Sergei Miloshkin,managing director of the Lotus Special Economic Zone, Roman Alexandrov, Director of the International Cooperation Group of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation; Denis Afanasyev, Minister of Industry and Natural Resources of Astrakhan Region, Frank Boss, Hamburg Port Consultant; Mirko Novok, Head of the Russian Section of the German National Logistics Association, Managers of several international shipping companies that transit goods to Europe and Asia, they talked on the opportunities, challenges, and facilitation of transportation of goods along North-South Corridor and accession of new members to International Transit Agreement.


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