May 19, 2021
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221% increase in incoming ships to the Caspian port complex of Anzali Free Zone 2020/07/22
221% increase in incoming ships to the Caspian port complex of Anzali Free Zone

in the first quarter of this year number of incoming and outgoing ships to the Caspian port complex reached to 45, Compared to 14 berthing ships in the same period last year it show increase of 221 percent, reported public relation and international affairs.

Accordingly, in this spring, 45 ships docked in this port complex and unloaded and loaded 137 thousand tons of goods, against 49,000 tons of goods entering and leaving port in the first three months of last year shows increase of 180 percent.


Therefore, according to approach of Anzali Free Zone Organization regarding to diversification of incoming and outgoing goods to Caspian Port Complex in the first quarter of 2020, 20 ships carrying grain, 3 ships carrying wood and 9 ships carrying edible oil in order to supply basic goods and raw materials of country's production-industrial units have been unloaded in this port complex.


On the other hand, during this period number of ships carrying goods along China-Kazakhstan-Iran corridor reached ten compared to 3 ships that operated in this transit route in three months of spring 2020, It shows 233% increase in using this corridor, which resulted to reduce of costs and time of transportation of goods between two countries and transit of goods between China and West Asian countries. In the first quarter of this year, 685 teu commercial containers of raw materials of country's production units have entered from Caspian port from China and new corridor route, compared to 188 teu containers, same period last year shows a growth of 264 percent.


The interesting point in performance of Caspian Port Complex is paying attention to the export category and encouraging exporters to export their goods through this large port complex.

Accordingly, in the first quarter of this year, 3 ships exported our country's products through the corridor with combined transport to China. Meanwhile, during operation of this port complex, up to 95% of goods imported through Caspian port are in category of basic goods and raw materials of production units in region and country.


The report says that amount of unloading and loading of heavy vehicles in the first quarter of this year in the Caspian port complex was 6176vehicles. This represents a growth of 597% compared to 885 cars loaded in the first quarter of last year.


It is worth mentioning that creating value and competitive advantages, short route, deep draft,  wide backyard capacity, reducing freight costs, activation of international transit routes (North-South and China-Kazakhstan-Iran) corridor, acceleration and facilitation of port and transit services to businessmen, implementation of preferential tariffs of the Eurasian Economic Union, providing various legal incentives by this organization along with increasing infrastructure required for services in various areas of this port, Proximity to Tehran and country's production and population centers are the most important reasons for welcoming of merchants from Caspian port complex.


It should be noted that currently three berths in Caspian port complex are in service and operating, in the meantime,  construction of two general cargo dock by  investment of private sector and one multi-purpose Roro docks  by investment of Anzali free organization is underway. These three new docks will be operational by  spring of next year, by connecting this port complex to the national railway line, not only complete infrastructure links of combined transportation network of Anzali Free Zone to international corridors,  but also it connect southern ports of our country to this region by rail.

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