September 29, 2020
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Drawing new horizons of Iran 2020/08/11
Drawing new horizons of Iran's regional cooperation based on capacities of Anzali Free Zone

The specialized meeting of working group for expansion of international relations and Eurasia of Anzali Free Zone was held by presence of Dr. Seyed Abbas Mousavi, Spokesman and head of Public Diplomacy Center of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Mohammad Vali Roozbehan, Chairman and Managing Directors of this Organization.

Chairman and Managing Directors of Anzali Free Zone Organization by description of geostrategic and geo-economics position of our country in path of trade relations between Asia and Europe stated that this region can be center of economic exchanges of the region, distinctive feature of Anzali Free Zone and Guilan Province and having strong and suitable infrastructure in port area due to existence of two ports of Anzali and Caspian port complex, International Airport, highway and railway and other required facilities in addition to its geographical location in relation to Caspian Sea literal states and Eurasia and its proximity to country's capital and industrial and demographic poles doubles capabilities of this region.


he evaluated diverse tourism, cultural and human resources capacities of province as a complement and adornment of capabilities of region and Guilan in this field stated that vision for achieving region's future goals is depend on futures studies and available existing facilities and new capacities.


He referred to some problems facing businessmen and land restrictions in production-industrial sector of this region stated that in analyzing of economic relations with Republic of Azerbaijan, we should not be satisfied with tens billions market of this country , but we should consider it as a gateway for export of Iranian goods to Caucasus and Eurasia market.


The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out to issues raised about relations between Iran and neighboring countries especially with Republic of Azerbaijan stated that paying attention to commercial department of embassy and developing economic relations based on existing experiences and capabilities will be one of the most important priorities in my mission to Baku.


The head of Public Diplomacy Center of Foreign Affairs Ministry by providing an analysis of problems facing our country's international trade relations praised Anzali Free Zone for keeping country's trade routes active stated that strategy of Islamic Republic of Iran is based on supporting and strengthening peace inside and outside of country specially in relations with countries of region since having safe, stable neighbors will be good for region and ourselves.

In order to take advantages of capabilities of private sector and institutions such as Anzali Free Zone Organization in direction of introducing existing capabilities, investment and export opportunities, will result to expansion of relation between them, said Mr. mosavi

It is worth mentioning that this meeting was attended by General Director of Ports and Maritime organization, members of the Board of Directors, deputies and managers of this organization and representatives of private sector. Economic activists in the region discussed opportunities and challenges facing on development of trade with countries of this region especially Republic of Azerbaijan, at the end they outlined their proposed strategies for expanding bilateral cooperation.




Mr. Rouzbehan pointed out to volume of over 900 billion dollars of trade transaction between members of Eurasian Economic Union and capabilities of this region specially exporting agricultural products as strategy of this organization, on the other hand pointed to strong scientific background of our country's doctors and advantages of this region these can be as factors this region become a health tourism hub in Caspian region and West Asia as an issue that is on agenda of  organization.


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