September 30, 2020
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Presentation of  the first samples of Iranian thermometers and start for production of pulse oximeters, pressure gauges, electric mattresses and cold fumigation. 2020/08/15
Presentation of the first samples of Iranian thermometers and start for production of pulse oximeters, pressure gauges, electric mattresses and cold fumigation.

Engineer Maziar Haeri Foumani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kapla Industrial Group announced presentation of the first sample of Iranian thermometers produced by the group under his management, due to international sanctions against people of our country and the urgent need for this medical device for screening and rapid and accurate diagnosis of sick people in public places production line and technology of making digital thermometer device from China was purchased as one of the strongest manufacturers of this medical device and was put into operation in Anzali free zone. Since mid-June have entered consumer market.

The chairman of the board of directors of Kapla Industrial Group pointed out that the thermometer produced by this company is a quarter of price of thermometers in the domestic market, currently over 20,000 units of this device have been produced; 6,000 pieces ordered by education; 5,000 units ordered army ground forces for use in poor areas, and production process will continue by this group until consumption needs of the public and private sectors be satisfied.

She explained about distinctive features of this device such as ability to show body temperature from 34 to 43 degrees and measure temperature of objects and liquids from minus -20 degrees to positive + 100 degrees, as result, in addition to medical and therapeutic uses, it can also be used in industrial and domestic fields.


Engineer Maziar Haeri Foumani pointing out that there is no factory for production and assembly of thermometers in the Middle East, and this monopoly belongs to our country that in addition to meeting domestic needs, it is also possible to export this medical product. In order to increase and diversify its products, process of equipping production line and production of pulse oximeter has started in this production complex a device that is required to measure level of oxygen in blood of patients, especially patients with coronavirus, and this company due to strong need of the Iranian market, has started to produce and supply it at half price of foreign samples offered in the market.


This producer of medical goods, which has provided direct employment opportunities for 23 people in industrial town of Anzali Free Zone in first phase of its production investment plan expressing that in future plans of this company based on needs of the domestic consumer market production of pressure gauges electric mattresses and cold fumigation is also in the work plan of this company which will enter the consumer market in the coming months.

He said by support and assistance of the Anzali Free Zone Organization and the Ministry of Health in speeding up administrative processes of purchasing and equipping factory should be appreciated, and also by relying on power and specialty of our internal forces in Iran, China and the United Arab Emirates I n future months more than 70% of parts of this device will be manufactured in this production unit according to international standards (World Health Organization), This is a unique issue in our country and in the Middle East.


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