June 17, 2021
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Anzali Free Zone is center for attracting foreign investors and facilitating development of relations with Georgia

Akbar Ghasemi, new Iranian Ambassador to Georgia, met with Dr. Roozbehan, Chairman and Managing director of this Organization and discussed about development of trade relations and taking advantages of Anzali Free Zone potentials, reported public relation and international affairs.

Director General of Anzali Free Zone Organization emphasized on capacities and created infrastructures in different section of Anzali Free zone in order to attract investors and use from capacities of private sector stated that Anzali Free Zone as one of the most important investment centers and hubs Trade is known among neighboring countries so that private sector invested 1290 billion Romans in various fields last year. The strategic position of this region along with development of infrastructures and support from investors caused during last 6 months over 1250 billion Tomans of investment was made by private sector in this region, of which 50 million dollars was foreign investment.

Dr. Roozbehan pointed to cultivation of hydroponic products and production of joint fishery products as one of neglected capacities for investment and stated that: "Iran's neighboring countries especially Russia have a great desire to import food from Iran and Guilan province is one of most important provinces producing agricultural products by attracting foreign investors in field of hydroponic cultivation and fisheries activities , therefore we can increase our country's share in exports to neighboring markets.

He further referred to activities of domestic and foreign manufacturing companies in industrial states of this region and noted that at present more than 140 factories operates in 2 industrial state of this region which exported more than $ 150 million of their products to mainland, and soon construction operations of industrial state No. 3 will begin in backyard of Caspian Port Complex, which is a suitable platform for investment in Hi-Tec and export-oriented products.

Mr. Akbar Ghasemi, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Georgia emphasized on starting of joint investment season between Anzali Free Zone and Georgia and said: "This region is definitely in direction of international trade corridors and has important port infrastructure so that it can play key role in attracting investors and increasing trade relations with Georgia.


It is worth mentioning that Iranian ambassador to Georgia visited from installations and investment projects in commercial, tourism,and trade phase, as well as Caspian port complex and industrial state No. 2.

"Statistics show success of Anzali Free Zone in attracting foreign investors and we are trying to design a new horizon of joint cooperation between two countries for the next 6 months by removing obstacles and facilitating investment."he said

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